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posts not appearing in tags/topics

  1. my posts are not appearing in tags
    Blog url:

  2. theaccidentalblog91

    I have asked the same question, and got no answer!

  3. Please note the reasons for non-appearnce in the Topic pages described here > Topics > Missing Posts

  4. theaccidentalblog91

    Oh that explains the problem, I had many tags! Thanks!

  5. Note that is you overuse tags and then go back and edit to remove the excess it will take a few days before the system will post them to the Topics pages. The rule of thumbe for assigning Categories/Tags is use the least number possible that accurately reflect the content in the post.

  6. theaccidentalblog91

    I see, thanks for your help..

  7. theaccidentalblog91

    I see, thanks for your help..

  8. You're welcome and happy blogging.

  9. I have the right amount of tags (not too many <10). I have removed a couple of tags just in case so i will see what happens in a couple of days.

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