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    In the last week none of the posts I’ve published have come up in any search engines. Usually they appear within a day or two of publishing.

    Any reason why this might be happening?



    Many reasons come to mind. Some specific examples and a link to your blog hosted here at instead of your business would be helpful though else all we can do is offer guesses. :)


    Why do think this is happening now when I have been posting since April without any problems?

    I have another blog account that is not linked to business and they are not appearing either.

    Thank you.



    Some specific examples and a link to your blog hosted here at… would be helpful


    These are the links below. All blogs written since September 5th (eight in total) do not appear in any search engines when I search “beth bender beauty”.


    Thank you so much.



    after a quick search in google and a look at your blog:

    1. Your recent posts come up when i search for a string that actually appears in one of them (i.e. “I have been running to my trailer in between takes”)

    2. Older posts come up on the first page of google hits for “beth bender beauty” because they actually contain the search string (i.e. your newer posts don’t include the phrase “beth bender beauty” in their content)

    Does this help?



    I’m seeing them in blogsearch.

    A quick comparison of the different Google datacenters shows your posts for this month showing up in some of them while others stop at the 5th. Looks like it just hasn’t mirrored the data between datacenters fully.

    doesn’t have anything.

    Technorati appears to have you.

    I’m looking at that gap of a couple days of not posting and am wondering if maybe MSN and Google just didn’t realize that you had upgraded. Usually the blogs that show updates in the search engines are the ones that update every day.

    You may also want to try adding in more categories and trying to categorize your posts a bit more. ‘Beauty’ is a fairly well used tag around here and I’m sure the spiders are watching the tag pages. if the tag is a high traffic one, they may be missing you.

    Hope this helps,


    It was a big help. At least now I know and can make the appropriate changes. I am still a newbie.

    Thank you so much!




    Well, a friend of mine who runs a successful worldpress blog sees that among the search terms that people use there are entire sentences like “Who is the best artist ever” or “why don’t Greek statues have eyes”, and I cannot imagine where they typed in these questions to get to his blog.

    Now I have been looking and see there does not seem to be any search engine specializing in WordPress blogs. This makes it even stranger. He started his blog less than a month ago, it is about art and has already had nearly 1000 visits. There are not any videos, no music, nothing to explain this number of visits. His blog is at



    Well the first question is via Google.

    Second one is Google as well.



    maybe his blog is so successful because he has his friends spamming forums with the link?

    Do you have a support question?



    To Judyb 12

    I do not know what a “support question” is, but I have just found out that there is a forum about “strange search terms”, and so there are many people who cannot understand why somebody landed on their page. Go to that forum, it is very funny.

    I do not think he has “friends spamming forums” because he does not know anything about computers. He does know about art, though, but his notions are, how can I say, a bit off mainstream on the right hand side, and I did not expect it to be successful.

    Anyway, I also suspect I made a faux-pas by putting his blog address in, which is maybe not permitted; is that it? I surely did not mean to break any rules, nor to fish for more visits.

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