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    My blog is and if you go, for example, to the display is terrible, but then when you click on the full post it is okay.

    Any suggestions as to how I can solve this?


    Seems to be a problem of the particular theme (in the archived version all the code for tables gets stripped away): I checked Contempt and Garland (which also give beginnings of posts in the archives, like Mistylook) and they work fine.



    Hmm. Please don’t tell me I have to change themes!! Can I stop the beginning of posts in archives, so that only the title of a post appears? I can’t see how to do that, but maybe somebody else does know.


    You mean without paying for an upgrade? I don’t think you can. (Well, there are three themes that do it…)



    Most themes display an excerpt of the post on the archive page. Excerpts strip out most markup so that’s what they look like.

    At a quick glance it looks like the exceptions are whiteasmilk, solipsus, neat, light, cutline, chaostheory, blix and andreas09. Perhaps one of those will suit you.

    Another solution might be to try putting a –more– tag at the top of those posts – I think the excerpt will stop at that point (but I’m not sure, you’d have to try it).


    (The themes tellyworth mentions display complete posts in the archive pages.)



    Actually, I can’t see another theme which has the issue: I’ve taken a look at lots this afternoon. Trouble is, you trade one issue for another. I’ve already changed themes a few times and thought I could finally settle on one.

    Thanks to Tellyworth for the ‘more’ suggestion. I have decided for now to add this to my posts with tables in them so that I can avoid the ugly display….

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