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Posts not leaving spaces.

  1. When I post an article it's not leaving any spaces between sentences.. everything is all stuck together.


    It worked before....


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can anyone help me? I have edited my posts like crazy and it still won't leave a space. =(

  3. Spaces between lines not working for me - I wonder if something is up? I have tried everything. Is there a temporary bug?

  4. This is your latest post:

    I see spaces where they should be.

    The problem in the first one you cited is in your code. Instead of plain Div tags, it has this variation:

    <div id="_mcePaste">

    That looks very much like you pasted the contents from somewhere else, and that will ALWAYS screw up a blog. You will need to go to the code editor and edit those out to be simple


    Have you changed the way you post at all?

  5. use this code between paragraphs - it seems to work for me. You might need to switch to HTML mode in top right of the edit window.

    <p> </p>

  6. Doh! I mean

    '<p> </p>'

  7. Sorry - I will try again to show the code properly:

    <p> </p>

  8. I also have found that a hard return no longer leaves a space between paragraphs. This is not a copy and paste relic, but a WordPress typing issue.

    It's annoying not to be able to choose to leave one or two blank "lines" between paragraphs by using hard returns.

  9. In my years at WordPress, I've NEVER been able to add additional spaces by using the Enter key. Typing normally and hitting Enter gives you double spaces. Hitting it while holding shift down gives you single spaces. I've seen recent reports that it's otherwise, but if so, it's changed again.

  10. Right, I've never been able to leave more than one using the Enter key. I just WISH I could. Lately, though, in the past week, there have been times when I couldn't even get one space in there. I hoped it was just update glitches.

    Me, I am still trying to come to terms with the new drop down hover menus. I left a post on the Forum about my frustration with them.

  11. The blog editor is not a word processor and that's the long and short of it.

    You can find help with spacing here >
    Space between characters
    Space betweeen lines
    Space betweeen words
    Space between paragraphs

    Posting your frustration to the forum when you know Volunteers cannot help you and when you know Staff will not be available until August 16th makes no sense to me. It simply means another space in the limited space on the front page of the forum will be oocupied by a thread we cannot help with. When Staff return you can share your feedback and suggestions with them using this link.

  12. Thanks for the help guys! But, maladam's tip helped a lot, it works now =)

    Thanks to all, once again.

  13. Yay! I'm happy to hear your issue is resolved by maladam's tip which is also ibclyded in the aricles at the links that I posted above. Best wishes with your blogging. :)

  14. Yeah, I checked your links out too, thanks timethief. =)

  15. You're welcome. Blog on! :)

  16. timethief, thanks for your help. I was not aware of the WP staff vacation schedule when I posted my problem, nor did I expect immediate help.

  17. If you are having problems with spacing between paragraphs see this post just published on OneCoolSite: .

  18. cool, thanks thesacredpath, will check it out.

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