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    Is there a way to set it up so that I can choose wich ones go on the front page and not? Thanks!



    No, I don’t believe you can do that. The latest posts will be shown. The top limit is 10 unless you reduce this number yourself. If you check today’s threads you will find a similar question being asked. You can however proceed to the FAQ and make a separate index page for the posts you prefer to draw attention to or create a category for most favoured or popular posts. Perhaps this will suit your needs.
    Check the thread RSS widget number of posts to show because it does have some useful info in it for you.



    Probably not but there’s a couple of workarounds.

    – You can define a Page to replace your front page. You can do that at Dashboard -> Options -> Reading. Do note though that you do have to create this Page ahead of time before you change your settings as well as create an empty Page to point your posts at.

    – You could always modify the timestamps on your Posts as well. Do note though that this will muck up any search engine since the date of the post is included in the URL.

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