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    My posts are not posting in chronological order and I do NOT have any “sticky posts”! What do I do to put them in chronological order? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    All your posts are on the same day which makes it difficult for we volunteers to see what you see.

    When you first start, sometimes this can happen. When a new site is created, the time zone setting is UTC/GMT. If you go and set the time zone at settings > general, and you are quite a ways from UTC/GMT, and you immediately create a post, you can end up with the first couple posts out of order. From that point on though, the posts (as long as they are not sticky) will be in reverse chronological order (newest at top).


    Aaah, okay, thanks! I’ll keep posting and see what happens.


    Make sure and set your time zone to your local time zone (scroll up on the list to find a city near you).


    And you are welcome.

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