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    I have several followers reporting that my new posts don’t show up in their reader. They confirm that they have the check mark showing they are following me. However, they can’t see my new posts on their reader. My blog is public, and I can’t figure out any reason the posts wouldn’t show. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is



    You are over-tagging which is also referred to as Tag spamming or Spamdexing. Please read the information here and then act on it >
    Note: It will take several days after you edit and remove the excessive Categories/Tags before your posts will begin to appear on Topics pages.

    Learning how to blog is a steep learning curve. Use the tutorial


    It’s not topics pages, it’s my followers reader for blogs they follow. Also, all the tags on my posts are relevant to my posts.



    Appearance in the Reader and on Topics pages are drawn from the same data. I’m a Librarian by profession and I am appalled by the spamdexing I see here every day.

    This is the Tag block for a single post:

    Tags: betrayal, compulsive liar, compulsive lying, Copayment, emotions, health insurance, infidelity, Insurance, Judge Judy, liar, Lie, lies, lying, marriage, marriage counseling, more lies, Narcissistic personality disorder, never-ending lies, pathological lying, Pseudologia fantastica, relationships, tired of lying, tired of the lies, trust, trust your gut, trust yourself, unending lies

    1. You exceeded the very generous limit of 15 set by

    2. I suggest that if you continue that pattern you will find that Google will position your posts so far back in the SERPs that they will be very difficult to find. Search engines pay more attention to your keywords in your content than they do to your keywords in Tags/Categories.


    Plus, even the ones with only a few tags (5 or less) aren’t showing. Again, it’s not under topics or key words, it’s under their “blogs I follow” link in the reader.



    Hmmm, that’s strange, sorry for the inconvenience. To test it, I followed your blog and your latest post appeared in my Reader. Could you please have your readers double-check they are subscribed to your blog, and if they are still not seeing your posts, let me know the usernames of the ones who are having this issue?


    I just had one check who had complained. It is still not showing up. Her username is Ariella from Another who has been experiencing issues is Wendy from Both are subscribed but my posts don’t show in their readers.



    Thank you for providing the additional information, it’s very helpful. I’m investigating further and will keep you posted.



    This should be resolved for you and your users now. If any other questions come up, please let me know!

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