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    I’ve noticed that the majority of my posts since October have not displayed in the Reader when posted. Every time I publish a post, I go to see it in my Reader under the corresponding Tags that I used in the post e.g. ‘Fashion’, ‘Beauty’ etc but I’ve only seen one so far. Earlier in the year I used to see every post I’d published but now when I check I see the posts from other members who’ve posted before and after the time I published a post but not mine.

    These posts that I could not see in the Reader have gotten very few views, much less than usual, and all from people already following me or people whose blogs I’d recently commented on.

    I had hoped that the issue would sort itself out but it’s still ongoing. Please could you assist?

    Many thanks
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve just read this support link and as far as I can see, my blog doesn’t fit into any of reasons as to why posts don’t show up in the Reader.


    I am having exactly the same issue…its been going on since September for me….as you say, very little chance anyone new will get to see my blog :-(



    Same problem seems that it posts your first post under the reader, and every post after that does not get pressed under concerning tags…lost out on allot of opportunities like this in the last couple of weeks, yet if you go through the reader there are other blogs that are 5 or six in a row.




    Have you two bloggers verified that your posts are not described in these reasons for not displaying on the Topics pages?
    If you are over-tagging AKA spamdexing AKA tag spamming. Edit and remove the excessive categories and tags from your posts. Know it will take several days after that for your posts to begin to display on the Topic pages.

    P.S. It’s my experience that setting a static front page on a blog is a traffic killer as it discourages return visitors. See:



    This thread is flagged for Staff attention to your issue. Please be patient while waiting.




    Thank you. Previous post yes i could probably have been guilty of using to many tags..

    I read through the reasons and tried posting a new post with less than 15 tags..still seems to do the same.

    Thank you for clearing the matter up till now.



    tried posting a new post with less than 15 tags..still seems to do the same.

    It will take several days after your remove the excess tags for posts from your blog to begin to display on the Topic pages.


    Thank you timethief, I will be patient and will also seriously consider not using a static front page. I respect your opinion and have followed your site for a while.

    clf4told I hope that your blogs show on the reader soon especially after removing the tags :) and greenmackenzie I’m sorry to hear its been ongoing for you since September. I hope that you see the support file soon, it could be a something on there which could be fixed simply :)



    I’m having a similar problem and have read the support links without success. The post is not being displayed in the Reader under Education for example. The post I’m working on is
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



    dapperdolly and sueannm66 – I will send you both emails to discuss this in private.

    Anyone else who’s still having this problem after checking the troubleshooting page that timethief provided above, could you please start a new thread for yourself and be sure to provide the address of the site in question. Thanks for your cooperation.

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