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    I’ve checked the archives with regard to this question. I have created a new posting and it is not showing up within some of the tags. While in others, it is showing up immediately. Can this be explained? As always, I appreciate your time and the sharing of your expertise. :) Imaya



    Example please. Are we talking about a post not showing up in the tagging system? Not sure exactly what you’re looking at here.


    For example, my post is not showing up in Body Mind, yet it is in Mind Body. I hope this makes my question more clear. Thanks… :) Maybe I am not uslng the correct term. Perhaps… category?



    Well, I’m looking at this post and I’m not seeing it in either Body Mind or Mind Body.

    Actually not seeing it in any of the categories listed.

    Can you please edit the post and resave it please?


    Will do… !


    I went to Edit and Saved it once again. BTW, on MInd Body, it is the featured blog… Yet, it is not showing up on several ‘tags’. I wonder if I should ‘re-create’ it and post it again. What do you think?


    I actually deleted the old post after recreating it, posted it once again…with the same problem.



    I’m seeing your new post on a couple fo the tag pages but I’m not seeing any pattern.

    Best thing to do now would be to contact staff via feedback. It’s occured in the past but usually resaving the post usually fixes the issue.


    Thanks drmike. I’ll make the contact. Thanks for your time with this matter…I greatly appreciate it. Have a great day. :) Imaya

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