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    Newbie here. I read through some threads on posts vs. pages, and I have not found the answer to my problem. I have several static pages, including the home page, which is a child of the page titled “Posts.” (I think I read to do that somewhere on the forum several days ago when I first started…) Anyway, when I write a new post, it shows up under categories and archives, but not on the “Posts” page. Evidently, I’ve done something wrong in setting up the pages so that I have a dynamic spot that contains all of the posts.

    I realize that I’ve set this up to act more like a website than a blog site. That was intentional. But I can’t get my head around how to get the posts to show up, or, perhaps, I don’t know where they’re showing up, and how to represent that in the navigation.

    Thanks for the help!


    Correct link to your blog please?



    oops. sorry. You’d think it would be ingrained by this point.



    I think the problem is that you’ve created the page that you have entitled “Posts.” You have also set the Home Page as a child page of this “Posts” page, which hides it from the top bar. Your posts are unable to appear on a page you have created.


    Your “Posts” page is blank, as it should, so I guess you haven’t gone to Settings > Reading > “Front page displays” to select that page as your “Posts page”. Don’t forget to click Save Changes after that.


    (No lizii, that’s the way to do it if you have a static fornt page. And hiding the Home page is necessary in themes with a builtin home tab of their own.)




    That was it. For some reason, I thought the “posts” setting would undo the “static page: home” setting.

    All better now. Thank you!


    You’re welcome – and you’re right, it’s rather confusing in the beginning. Usually the “front” or “home” page is where your posts appear. But if you opt for a static front page instead, then you need another page for your posts: hence that double setting in Settings>Reading. (The only thing that wouldn’t work, of course, is selecting the SAME static page as your front AND posts page.)



    Got it, thank you. That really helped explain things!

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