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Posts not showing up at all

  1. Techish reports a problem with posts not showing up at all. This post was moved because it was posted in a thread about a different issue.

    I'm having troubles with posts not showing up as well, but mine seems to be disappearing into the blogabyss.

    I write the post, I give assign it to a catagory (finally working - bug tempramentally so), I edit the time stamp [ to within the last two weeks, as these are posts I wrote in email over the last month while the catagories were nonfunctional, and I want to post them in order showing the dates they were written), I check the edit time stamp box, I click POST, I wait... up comes the write a post page again instead of the page that shows the posts (manage?) I view site... and see the only two posts that were there up until today when I tried getting these posts in there. The ones I have in email, no big deal (except that I'm going in circles trying to get the posts to show)

    I love WordPress, don't get me wrong. I began using the accounts on their site for ease of use vs. Installing on my own servers. However - I'm really getting frustrated with this inhouse blogging - as it's not functioning very well these days. It's quite maddening.

  2. Just for the record, when you click on Publish, you remain on the "Write Post" page. You do not go to the Manage page.

    You should be seeing a note along the top in yellow I believe saying your post has been saved. Are you seeing that? Is the post showing up on your dashboard page?

  3. Thanks for moving this post Dr.Mike.

    Yes, I see the note on top with the yellow bg telling me that the post was successful (not a quote of wht it says). I added my note to the other because I thought maybe these posts were goign to show up later (??) but onlike his problem, I am not seeing my posts in the Manage page.

  4. Correction to my last post, I am NOT seeing a yellow confirmation message when posting. I checked in my other blogs and I don't see it there either. I only see that when I make managerial changes it seems.

    I have published two posts out of about 10 tries since my initial message. Maybe it's just glitchy? Still seems weird though...

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