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Posts not showing up in global tags page

  1. My latest post has four categories/tags, but is not showing up in the global tags pages for any of them (click on the links at the top of the post). Actually, none of my posts are showing up in any of the tags anymore.

    I don't think I can blame Norton this time because it was a reader who pointed it out to me. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

  2. I've noticed that as well in the past. I've sent in a feedback about it before but haven't heard anything.

  3. noticed that about wank, or about your own tags?

  4. My own tags on occasion.

  5. sorry just discovered that this post addressing the issue i'm facing already exists :(

    wank, drmike - did you get any updates?

    In my case, I find my post listed under some categories and not under the others. I'm interested in the tag "Art" which is listed on the main page but none of my posts show up under it.

    I shall send feedback about it immediately.

  6. my posts are showing up again. the posts dont seem to be appearing in chronological order though. Are they listed by when last edited or when the latest comment was added?

  7. I eventually fixed it by messing with the privacy settings (under Options/Privacy). It has since been unfixed, so I guess I'll have to mess with the privacy settings again.

  8. I had a blog post that would show as "File not found" in the tag search. So after reading this thread, I set it as private and then re-set it as published. Now it is visible. Shrug just a glitch I suppose. :)

  9. This just happened to my blog and its killing my page view numbers! What the heck? I'm going to try velvethamn's solution. ugh, wordpress can eat me.

  10. autumn, I am relatively sure you have a special situation. I replied to you in the thread: Contact staff immediately through your Feedback button on your blog.

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