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    My posts are no longer showing up in the reader. Been a problem for awhile now. I am think it became an issue when I started tagging my posts. Previously, I only used the category function. I do not believe I’ve ever used more than 15. My content is not mature. And my blog is public. Can you help? Also, I’ve read through the forums and postings concerning tagging and categorizing but is there any easy way to understand the difference between category and tag? When to use which. I want to be doing things properly and most effeciently. Thank you so much for your help. Been blogging for a bit now, but learning is always a good things. Thx!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Will you please check out ALL of the reasons for non-appearance here >

    For more on categories and tags see
    See also see what I posted into this thread

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    Thank you for your quick follow up & feedback. I had actually read some information you had provided earlier on this forum. The category and tag link was very helpful as it pertained to food : ). Looking forward to follow-up.



    Hi suebthefoodie,

    I checked your site, and your most recent post was 4 days ago, and the previous ones were from November. Because of this, they won’t appear anymore in the most recent posts in the Reader, since you follow several other sites that have since posted; you’ll have to scroll down quite a ways to see them. Also, I do see your latest post in your Reader.

    The next time you post, check your reader shortly after. If you don’t see it appear after a little while, please let us know then.

    Meanwhile, if there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know!

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