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    My posts have disappeared from the Reader the last few days. New posts aren’t showing up and older ones seem to be missing.

    The feed works, as I can go to the direct feed and see the posts there, but I’m wondering if my followers can see the posts in their Readers?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello, I have started following your blog to verify if your post showed up in my Reader and I can comfirm that they do.
    I will add a modlook tag to this thread so the staff can have a closer look at this thread and investigate the issue.



    I can see your posts in the Reader too. Are you just checking under your own account?


    Thanks for checking it out for me, airalis.

    When clicking on some of the tags I’ve used, the new posts show up in Reader, but not in the one where I follow others. My blog posts used to show up there, too, until 3 days ago.

    I tried using 2 different browsers and also use the 15 or under number of tags/categories for each post.


    Thanks for checking it out, too, macmanx.

    The new posts are not showing up in the main Reader where I follow others’ blogs.

    They do show up in my feed (I made a bookmark for it to be able to check it). And they do show up on the various tags I’ve used.

    Just not sure why they stopped showing up in the main Reader?



    I’m not entirely sure. Would you please give us some specifics, like which tags you’re looking under, and which post you’re trying to find?


    My latest posts don’t show up in the “Followed Sites” Reader.

    The posts do show up on my feed:

    And they do show up on the tags used, for example:


    Hmmm. They should show up in the Followed Sites view. Have you already tried clearing the browser cache to see if that fixes things?


    Yes, that’s the problem. The posts should be viewable on the Followed Sites Reader.

    I always clear the cache and cookies, etc. each time I’ve made a comment here, so several times today.

    It was working fine up until 3 days ago. So I made the post here in case others may be having the same problem.



    Hi dandelionsalad,

    According to the logs for your account, you unfollowed four days ago. That’s why the site is not showing in your main Reader feed.

    If you view the feed at, do you see a Follow or a Following link in the top right area?

    You probably just hit the follow button by mistake while viewing your site’s front end, or even in the Reader. If you refollow it should start showing for you again.


    Yes, that is the problem, thank you, Kokkieh!

    And of course, that’s why I haven’t received the email notifications, although I thought that was a different problem with my email provider.

    So sorry to have bothered everyone and thanks to all for your help.

    The main browser I use for the Reader doesn’t show the “following” button at all so couldn’t see whether or not I had unclicked it (accidentally, of course).



    The main browser I use for the Reader doesn’t show the “following” button at all so couldn’t see whether or not I had unclicked it (accidentally, of course).

    You should see that button in any browser.

    What browser do you normally use? Are you using any add-ons in that browser that might restrict JavaScript code from loading? @musicdoc1 posted earlier this week about the follow button being missing for them in Firefox, but I use Firefox myself and can see the button just fine in my Reader.


    I use Epic, which is Chrome-based and very stripped down, no add-ons, etc. But it also hides many things, obviously the Following button. It’s an anti-tracking, privacy browser. See:

    I also use Firefox for most of the work I do on my blog, making new posts, editing, etc.



    Okay, the anti-tracking features are most likely the problem, then, as innocent code often gets caught in the crossfire with those. Not anything we can do about that, but it sounds like you have things sorted :)


    Yes, I believe that is correct. One of the hazards of wanting more privacy on the net.

    Thanks again for your help.

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