Posts not showing up in the reader/tags not working

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    Hi there,
    Currently none of my posts show up in the reader. I’ve kept tags to under 10 (same with categories) and I’ve gone through the other list of possible causes and my blog passes (not brand new, not private, in English, not offensive content etc.).

    I posted on another topic and the moderator indicated my blog had been suspended due to affiliate links. I wasn’t aware my links fell into that category, but have since removed any links. I didn’t receive a warning, so I’m not entirely sure which links were the problem – but I believe I removed all that might cause an issue. I submitted a ticket last week to see if I could get my blog un-suspended and I’m still encountering the problem. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what more I can do!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, this issue should now be resolved and your posts should show up in the Reader.


    Wonderful! Thank you so much for the help – it’s working great now!

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