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Posts not showing up on reader

  1. alarnarosegray

    Hi there, I'm another who just noticed I'm not showing in the reader. I follow my own blog to make sure it's working properly, but it's not there (it usually is). I've checked and am not doing any of the things Timethief listed above.

    Any help would be Greatly appreciated. My link is:


  2. Hey there,

    It doesn't look like anything is out of the ordinary on your blog. To be safe, I've updated some settings on our end that might potentially pose a problem--can you take a look and see if things are cooperating now?


  3. sweetaccountability

    pcrumm-- I'm still having this issue with tags. For example, my most recent post does not show up on the Beachbody tag in reader. Is there anything I can do on my end? I've gone through the list of possible reasons, but do not think any of them are applicable.


    Thank you so much.

  4. @sweetaccountability this issue should be resolved for your blog as well. Apologies for any inconvenience!

  5. sweetaccountability

    @pcrumm, thank you so much for your help! I really, really appreciate it. :)

  6. @pcrumm, thank you for your attention! I'm sorry, but in just checking, none of the tags chosen for my first post are showing up on the reader (it's the post with the most...there are only two so far).

    I have two blogs, one with search engines blocked (I'm resolved on that one) and one which is fully public. It is the second whose problems remain unresolved. It is also the one which would benefit the most from tag topics in the reader. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration, and good day!

  7. pcrumm - Really appreciate you looking into it for me. I've just checked, but unfortunately I'm still not showing :(

  8. alarnarosegray

    pcrumm - I take that back now! I just updated a detail on my post, went back to Reader, and now it is there. One of those glitches I guess. Thank you! (and I love the concept of 'Happiness Engineer' :)

  9. @pcrumm or anyone else that can be of service. I'm not showing up in the Reader either. This has been going on for almost a month (maybe longer). Is there any way that you would assist me with this problem?

    Thanks for all the help!

  10. Okay, it's been nearly a month and I'm still here...and the only active member! There is no other support forum on this issue that I have been able to find, but I clearly am still having problems.

    Is there any resolution to this yet? To sum up previous postings here, my new blog (public in searches, unlike my previous one) is not showing up in the reader under any of the tags I've selected. I have not been able to locate any settings (on my) end which look out-of-place. It's possible I could be not looking in the right place...

    If there is a setting I need to change to make it so, kindly walk me through the process. If it is a glitch at WP, could you inform me as to when (or if) the problem will resolve itself?

    Again, the blog in question (with only two posts so far, the latest having the most tags), is

    I'm anxious to get this off my "to-do" list so I can get on with future postings! Thanks in advance.

  11. Hello. Anyone here? I've also posted at
    for lack of having anything else to try or anyONE to walk me through options.

    Help!! Timethief? Pcrumm? Anyone??

  12. iconicallyrare

    Hi. I am not showing up on reader since I upgraded my domain.

    I have 605 followers and would like to grow, but am at a disadvantage since every effort I have tried has failed to cause my writing to reappear on the reader list.

    Writing well takes some real effort and time investment and it feels a little exasperating after working hard to give quality work, not to be featured on the reader list.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Sonya Nicholson

  13. throughthehealinglens

    I posted a few minutes ago on another thread, but have been trying all night to have my current post show up in the reader. I am a regular blogger and have 40,000 hits and 450+ followers. I have never had an issue before. I did receive the email notification, but no reader - despited trashing and re-publishing a dozen times.

    I know most of my followers use the reader for notification.

    Can someone assist. I would be most appreciative.

    Thanks much ~ Robyn Lee

  14. momkeepingitreal

    My last 3 posts aren't showing up in READER. I tried omitting excessive tags but it didn't work. I tried deleting and re-publishing the posts but not sure if they were featured.

    I've noticed this problem since I upgraded my domain. Is there some sort of glitch with my blog?

    I am fairly new to wordpress and would like to keep gaining momentum. Any assistance would be wonderful!


  15. momkeepingitreal

    My apologies, but I forgot to add one more thing. When I go to the edit post section under the DATE COLUMN it says in red writing "missed schedule."

  16. Hi,

    I'm having the same problem. My post have stopped showing up in the reader. I just posted today and it is my first year anniversary of my blog and I get most of my traffic from the "Knitting" topic, but today's post is just not showing up and I don't know what to do to fix this!
    Could anyone have a quick look and see if there's a glitch? My link is:

    Thank you so much!

  17. @knitigatingcircumstances
    See here >

    5. Your blog is very new. It can take a few days before new blogs are included on topic pages. Brand new blogs might not have enough posts for us to accurately determine whether or not they’re spam.

  18. My blogs no longer post to the WordPress reader. At first they did and then one day, it just stopped. I am following the protocol, so I don't think it is a problem at my end. Please someone fix this problem so I too can post to the reader.

  19. Still not posting....HELP WORDPRESS STAFF!! My blogs no longer post to the WordPress reader. At first they did and then one day, it just stopped. I am following the protocol, so I don't think it is a problem at my end. Please someone fix this problem so I too can post to the reader.

  20. cupcakesandkimchi

    My blog is only showing up on Reader for certain tags and not on others. Help would be appreciated!

    i.e. For my most recent post for penne, it only shows up under Pasta but not under Food.

  21. alarnarosegray

    Hi there, I really appreciate the help given on this forum.

    I've noticed my post is not showing up in the reader again today. Is there anyone who can tell me what it is I am doing wrong, so I can stop being a nuisance and prevent it from happening again?

    I don't overuse tags or anything like that, so it is a mystery...

    Thank you!

  22. My blog didn't show up in the reader today... my husband follows me and he didn't get it. I had it scheduled to publish at 7:45 this morning, and when I went in to check it said there had been an error. When I clicked update, it said it had been published... but it never showed in the reader.

    I don't think I did anything at all inappropriate:


  23. My posts are not showing up in the Reader under the categories I have set either. It's been like this for a week, I think. I checked and I don't believe I'm contravening any of the guidelines for posting. How do I figure out which post created the problem or what I need to do differently? My blog is

  24. If anyone is still having trouble with posts not showing up in the reader, please start a new thread so we can better assist you.

    fibercrush, trinabartlett & alarnarosegray - I'll respond to you by email.

    I'm closing this thread now.

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