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    So, then, is there a way to welcome potential WordPress traffic, but not the whole world (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Bing…)? Is the potential for DirtNKids to be considered for Fresh Pressed also waived by choosing not to be included in search engines?


    I’m also still unable to locate any of my posts using tags in the reader. I do not believe that I have my Privacy settings set like that (I’ve checked a few times) and also have checked the list of other reasons they wouldn’t be showing up over and over. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.



    I am not sure where to post this-have posted it prior but nothing happened. Im not overly concerned with the reader aspect-as I tend to tage etc for my own reference, though most of mine dont actually show up. Currently posts are not even showing up on MY blog-yet they say they have been published and are public. The side bar is also staying at the base so it is impossible to navigate. I have tried a few things but all my posts are in weird orders-all over the place am I able to get some assistance with cheers



    Okay. I’ve created a new blog and it’s search engine setting is set to PUBLIC to avoid problems with the reader. I’ve posted more than 12 hours ago, but the post ( is still not showing up in the reader under the tags.

    New blog:

    Now what?


    I emailed Support almost 24 hours ago, and have not received a reply. My posts are not showing up in the reader under any of the tags I’ve given it. This is a recent development because I previously showed up in the reader.


    Sorry for the repost, I had trouble with the link — and I just want to make sure that my query was clearly stated:

    I am finding that the posts from my blog
    are not showing up in the reader — no matter what tag/category or topic. They had been showing up recently and now have stopped within the last week.

    I looked at the responses above to troubleshoot. I seem to be doing all the right things (not over-tagging, the content isn’t mature, etc.). I’m just wondering what might be creating the problem and how I might be able to correct it. Any help you can pass on would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,


    Hi All– Wondering if anyone was able to resolve this issue (of all posts not appearing in reader under tags) and if so, how they did so? My problem has continued and despite many attempts to figure out why, I can’t get to the heart of the problem!

    Thank you.




    Is this thread still going? I appear to be one of only two active members.

    My problem (on the new blog) has still yet to be resolved more than a week passed already. If there is another support forum, I would love to be a part of it. Perhaps I shall go have a look-see now. I want to resolve any settings on my part before I post further. I would be most delighted like to be “found” by other WordPress users (and the world, for that matter) using topic tags.


    dirtnkids, I feel similarly. Any help/suggestions would be very appreciated. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong place…


    Hi there, I’m another who just noticed I’m not showing in the reader. I follow my own blog to make sure it’s working properly, but it’s not there (it usually is). I’ve checked and am not doing any of the things Timethief listed above.

    Any help would be Greatly appreciated. My link is:




    Hey there,

    It doesn’t look like anything is out of the ordinary on your blog. To be safe, I’ve updated some settings on our end that might potentially pose a problem–can you take a look and see if things are cooperating now?



    pcrumm– I’m still having this issue with tags. For example, my most recent post does not show up on the Beachbody tag in reader. Is there anything I can do on my end? I’ve gone through the list of possible reasons, but do not think any of them are applicable.


    Thank you so much.



    @sweetaccountability this issue should be resolved for your blog as well. Apologies for any inconvenience!


    @pcrumm, thank you so much for your help! I really, really appreciate it. :)



    @pcrumm, thank you for your attention! I’m sorry, but in just checking, none of the tags chosen for my first post are showing up on the reader (it’s the post with the most…there are only two so far).

    I have two blogs, one with search engines blocked (I’m resolved on that one) and one which is fully public. It is the second whose problems remain unresolved. It is also the one which would benefit the most from tag topics in the reader. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration, and good day!


    pcrumm – Really appreciate you looking into it for me. I’ve just checked, but unfortunately I’m still not showing :(


    pcrumm – I take that back now! I just updated a detail on my post, went back to Reader, and now it is there. One of those glitches I guess. Thank you! (and I love the concept of ‘Happiness Engineer’ :)



    @pcrumm or anyone else that can be of service. I’m not showing up in the Reader either. This has been going on for almost a month (maybe longer). Is there any way that you would assist me with this problem?

    Thanks for all the help!



    Okay, it’s been nearly a month and I’m still here…and the only active member! There is no other support forum on this issue that I have been able to find, but I clearly am still having problems.

    Is there any resolution to this yet? To sum up previous postings here, my new blog (public in searches, unlike my previous one) is not showing up in the reader under any of the tags I’ve selected. I have not been able to locate any settings (on my) end which look out-of-place. It’s possible I could be not looking in the right place…

    If there is a setting I need to change to make it so, kindly walk me through the process. If it is a glitch at WP, could you inform me as to when (or if) the problem will resolve itself?

    Again, the blog in question (with only two posts so far, the latest having the most tags), is

    I’m anxious to get this off my “to-do” list so I can get on with future postings! Thanks in advance.

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