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    I use the Nuntius-theme on my weblog. I like it, but on the blog-page the posts are appearring in a random order as far as I can see.
    In a blog the last post should be the upper one and that’s how I like it to be.
    How can I get them in the right order (new above, old beneath)?
    Who can help?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    All the posts with the dark grey header at the top and bottom are the posts you set to sticky so they would appear in the post slider on the main page. On the “blog” page, sticky posts will be shown in the order that they were set to sticky, not by their actual published date.



    Thanks for your answer Thesacredpath.

    You pointed me to the solution for this: I forgot to make the last post sticky..

    But now I have a new question.
    Now there are 7 sticky posts in the header. I thought there was a maximum of 6.
    How do I get posts beneath the headerslider?


    From the theme description page:

    The News Page template displays posts from featured categories in blocks, arranged in alphabetical order by category name. Featuring categories is as simple as choosing a primary featured category in Appearance → Theme Options. To feature additional categories, go to Posts → Categories and assign your primary category as the “Category parent” of each additional category you wish to feature.

    Up to ten of your remaining posts that do not appear in the slider or in any featured category will appear in the “More Articles” block.



    Thanks again for thinking with me.

    On the theme decrition page is also this:

    The nifty slider displays up to 6 of your latest Sticky Posts that have a Featured Image of at least 640 pixels wide.

    And on my blog there are 7 now…

    Shouldn’t there be one post below now?

    Maybe it is that I don’t understand the English text too well that I don’t understand what is going wrong here, I don’t know.


    Yeah, I have no idea on the 6 vs. 7 thing.

    No on the post below. You have to assign a category for the posts below at theme options and then you have to assign that category to the other posts you want to show below the slider.



    Okay. I think I understand (I hope).

    Posts that are not sticky appear below if they are assigned to a featured category.

    But then the order on the Blog-page is not chronological.
    If I understand it correctly a blog-page as usual (chronological with the newest post above) is not possible when the News-layout is used.
    That’s too bad.

    If this is true I will not use the News-layout anymore. Unfortunately, because that is what makes the theme so beautiful.

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