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    I was just wondering if anyone knew how many posts are kept on the home page at one time. Right now I think mine is holding all 17 of my posts, and I was wondering if there was anyway to edit that, or if it is just always going to hold all my posts. I would rather it hold 10 or something and then after that they are only in my categories.
    Thanks for your time



    -> Dashboard -> Options -> Reading and scroll down

    Blog Pages
    Show at most:____posts (insert your number)
    click “update options” to save
    P.S. Rule of thumb is seven but the length of your sidebar also comes into play as well.


    Thank you so much. Just another quick question, when i do that, does that limit the number of posts that show up in my category pages. Like if i choose 10, will that make it so only 10 posts show up in my categories??
    Thanks again



    No. Categories do not display until a post assigned to the category is entered. Thereafter every category to which a post has been assigned displays. And all categories are displayed in alphabetical order with their sub-categories alphabetically ordered beneath them
    Category widgets can be configured to display the number of posts as well as to display the hierarchy of sub-categories by alphabetical order under each category. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

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