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  1. I have a blog hosted on and have multiple pages on my blog but my problem is that I am not able to move my posts to diff pages as I please. I AM able to create new pages but cannot find a way to move my posts from "HOME" to this new page.
    I have searched the forum but could not find any answers to this. Is this feature not available for blogs or I am missing something!!
    Thanks in advance

  2. Sorry for the second part but I was thinking about it and wondering that if I AM able to change some of the posts to a diff page, how will the feeds work for that page, will it show up as new posts if I am using a feedreader?

  3. 1 - Um, not totally sure what exactly you're trying to do. I do now you can rename both posts and pages as well as the URL slugs for both. I do think you may be getting confused with what a post is and a page is as there are trwo seperate things here. Maybe a specific walkthru showing what you are trying to do would help.

    2 - New Posts will show up as additions to your feed. New Pages do not show up in the standard blog feed.

  4. Sorry for not giving examples last time but hopefully it will become clearer if I give examples. My Blog is at . I have a lot of posts realted to Firefox browser and I figured that I wanted to seperate them on a diff page so that ppl looking for FF stuff dont have to sort through other crap and my other post readers dont have to deal with FF crap. Now I went ahead and created a seperate page. Now I want to move all my Firefox category posts to that page (Its fine if I loose that category..after having a seperate page I dont think I will need a category). So my question is how do I assign/move an exstiting post to a page and how do i do new posts on that page?

  5. I realize where you blog is but we still need a specifc example of what you are trying to do. :)

  6. Thats what I have described in my post above...please let me know if its still not clear from my post above as to what I am trying to do!!

  7. It sounds to me as if you want to display your Firefox posts separately from all the others, am I right? Unfortunately, you can't move posts to a Page (because technically a Page is really just another kind of post), and you can't exclude any posts from the main blog page (because you can't edit the theme).

    My best suggestion is that you create a separate blog for the firefox stuff; a search here for RSS2MT should help you to move your existing posts across.

  8. Wank,
    Yes, that is wjhat I want to do. You said it right. Let me ask you something else then...I cannot do it because my blog is hosted on and I have limited free functionality or I cannot do it with any blog no matter where it is hosted?

  9. Why reinvent the wheel, when the category/tag feature already does what you want? All of your posts that have the category "firefox" can be seen on this page:

    Now, while you can't actually add any static text to that page in and of itself (since it's dynamically generated,) there's still no reason to create a whole new page (especially since there's no way to move posts there anyway.) My suggestion, FWIW:

    Create a text widget on your sidebar, probably to the left above your calendar, title it FIREFOX EXTENSION like the page you tried to create, place some explanatory text in the box, wrap the whole text or some specific part of it in anchor tags, and link it to that page.

    If the "firefox" tag isn't the specific one that identifies the posts your after, then replace the subfolder "/firefox/" in the link above with whatever category name does fit the specific posts you want.

    If the specific posts your after don't have a special category associated with them, then create one specifically for the posts you want. You can go into Manage Posts and assign them all to a category something like "FFE" to differentiate them from the rest and use that as the subfolder name in the link like so:

    Hope this helps.

  10. THAT sounds great...YOU DA MAN!!!
    the solution you posted works for me.
    Thank You.Thank You :-)

  11. You can also create a new blog.

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