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    Im trying to figure out my blog and there is one thing that is confusing.
    I want to organize my posts by days, and each day was going to be it’s own page but I dont know how to have posts on page.
    Like I wasn’t going to post on the front page but I was going to post mondays post under the monday page, and tuesdays post under the tuesdays page….ect.

    Is this possible????

    The blog I need help with is



    A WordPress blog can either be structured as a page based website or its conventional post based structure can be retained. That’s why understanding the the differences between posts and pages is key to decision making when selecting a theme, and setting up your blog.

    You will have to create categories for each day of the week and then create a custom menu. Please see here >
    This may also be helpful >



    oops! sorry about that dead link >

    What’s crucial to comprehend is that there is only one running page in a blog for all posts. They appear on it in reverse chronological order. The default setting is the front page of the blog but we can change that page for running posts to another static page. Every time we publish a post that post automatically appears on the Categories pages we assign to it and in the Archives. When you create your custom menu for the days of the week those Category page tabs for each fay of the week will appear in the horizontal menu.


    Post organization is as timethief says, done with categories in wordpress. Take a look at this post by Panos which should give you more on how to go about it.

    One note I’ll add though is do not title your categories with names something like 1/1/11. That will result in all sorts of errors as it will get mixed up with the standard archives features. Instead, make you categories something like Jan 1, 2011.

    The one thing with doing a separate category for each day is that in two years you are going to have 730 categories. If you use standard static pages, again you are going to have 730 pages after just two years. This is going to drive the search engines absolutely crazy and is going to severely dilute your page rank over all those pages.

    It would be better to use standard posts and then rely on the archives widget to allow people to bring up a month’s worth of posts.

    Alternately, you could use a text widget and use the archives shortcode with type=daily, or you could put the archives shortcode on a page. See for a sample of what it would look like.


    Oops, I forgot the link to the archives shortcode support page.


    Thank you! I really appreciate it!


    You’re welcome and I hope we were able to offer a solution that will work for you.

    I just noticed I forgot the link to Panos’ article as well: .

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