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  1. My name is ClassicAus @ - G'day to all.

    I am wandering if the only page that can have posts on is the Home page.
    If it is possible to place posts onto multiple pages could someone please explain to me how.

    The idea is that I could put different posts on my home page, my about page, my education page etc. etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To read up on Pages, go to
    you can have Pages under the heading of other Pages, but not Posts under Pages (I think)

  3. Dang, thats what I though, oh well.

  4. and Thank you!

  5. Also, only a certain number of posts will go on the home page, you can set it under Setting->Reading if you have more than that there will be a link to read more.

  6. Thank you raptor.
    If I was still interested in acheiving the forementioned objective, is there a neat way to associate two seperate blogs?
    What is the easiest way to transfer a blogs style?

  7. There is a way that you can achieve this. First, you create categories for each subject you are going to be blogging about, and when you write new posts, you assign them to the appropriate categories.

    Next, you use one of the themes listed in the left column of the following blog post, and then create links in the top navigation tabs to the categories you created. When someone clicks on that category tab at the top, it takes them to a page listing only the posts in that category.

    If you wish to further control your users experience, you can set a static front page also so that all the posts don't show on the main page.

  8. Hey! Very nice thesacredpath, thank you very much. Exactly what I was after.

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