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    Hey there,

    Im starting uni soon and i need to set up a blog before i start. Now setting it up wasn’t the problem but…i need to do a glossary. The way they want us to do the glossary is have a page with a list of posts. Each post is sort of like a topic. For example, Video is going to be name of the post, the content of the post is a number of words with a description. Then the next post should be Website and the content will be all the web associated worked defined. (sorry if i cant explain it well…new to this). I want both these posts to appear as a list in the Glossary + page. (see site for the page). So to put it simply, i want the page to kind of be the same as the home page, apart from i dont want all the posts to appear in the list….

    I really really need help with this thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot really put posts on pages since pages sit outside the blog structure. To organize posts on wordpress, you use categories. You then either use the categories widget in the sidebar of the site, or you can use a custom menu to put the categories into the top navigation. See this post by Panos on using categories to achieve your goal.


    Hmm, i have created a catergory for each page and i did try and create a custom menu. Thing is that (if you look at my theme) the green strip that holds the title says something like ‘archive from glossary +’. Is there a way to get rid of that? or maybe i done it wrong?



    No, you didn’t do it wrong. That’s the way the theme is built and you cannot change it. However. I know some themes are more discrete than others in that aspect. Here’s another post from Panos’ blog on the topic (in case you want to switch themes).

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