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    So simply put what I’m trying to do on my blog is add a ‘Published Work’ page that is separate from my Home page where I can add posts of the different print work that I do. I don’t want these posts to be visible on my home page but only on the separate page. From what I can understand, pages don’t support posts and can only have static content. Is it possible that while adding a new post, I categorise it as ‘Published work’ and it automatically gets posted on that page instead of the home page. Please help! Thankyou.

    The blog I need help with is


    All posts show up on the mains posts page in reverse chronological order, regardless of category. If you don’t want your front page to display all your posts, then the only thing you can do is display no posts at all: set a static page as your front (in Settings > Reading), and then use the Categories widget in your sidebar, or create a custom top menu with tabs that link to your post categories.

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