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Posts only show in global tags when logged in...

  1. My posts are not showing in global tags, except when I am logged in. I have all post tags+categories at 12 or under. When I log in, I can see my posts in the correct global tags. But, when I log out, the disappear! I am not a new blog, I have been on for over 3 months. Anyone have a clue what is going on?


  2. There used to be a bug (sorry for the pun) where you would have to switch your language to something else, then switch back (in Settings). Try that, and if that does not work contact staff.

  3. Sorry, I don't have advice, but I thought I'd add the same thing happened to my blog ( I didn't think I had too many tags, but I went through and deleted a bunch just in case. Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate it too. Thanks!

  4. Neither of you are set as Mature blogs, if that helps. I can tell because your name still links to your blog here in the forum; on Mature blogs, that's not the case. I'm afraid I can't see any reason either of you would be excluded from the tag system and my best advice is to try the language switch and if that does not work, to contact staff. If they give you advice, please post it to this thread so that others may benefit.

  5. Thanks for the replies!

    I have done the language switch twice already...just for good measure. It did not help.

    I will wait a bit to see if maybe the WP system refreshes or something. Maybe I don't need to bother support. I know their busy.

  6. No, this is exactly the kind of thing they exist for. Bother them; they get paid for it!

  7. I am thinking that support is getting a ticket from me soon.

    Hmm...anyone know how fast is that language thing supposed to be?

    I went to settings then switch my language, saved changes, switched back to English, saved changes logged out and checked the global tags. I am still absent from the tag system.

    Is the tag limit under 12 or is it 12 and under? Maybe that is the problem.

  8. It may take up to an hour depending on server loads.

  9. Thanks for the info. I will wait a bit to see how this plays out.

  10. If they don't show up in an hour, I would definitely contact staff.

  11. The tag limit isn't firm, but as a general rule it's 12 and under. I've used up to 14 at times and still seen myself on global pages when logged out. But I totally would not push that.

  12. And actually as I understand it, it is a total of categories + tags. Examples: 2 categories + 10 tags, or 3 categories +9 tags.

  13. Yes, that's true. I only use categories, myself, although the stats show 66 tags as well. At some point I will ask about that, but I haven't bothered yet.

  14. Thanks for all the responses! I ended up contacting the staff, and they worked their magic, whatever that involved. Best wishes to all...

  15. Well...I still have the problem. So I will contact staff and try to get it fixed. I am also having this problem ( My posts are not showing up in the search box. It has been over 6 hours. Ho hum...

  16. The tag problem is fixed! Thanks to Anthony in Support. Apparently it was something wrong with my blog.

    However, my posts are still not coming up in the search area on Maybe it will be fixed soon.

  17. Well...everything has been fixed! Support fixed all the problems, and they mentioned I was using too many tags. I had them maxed at 12, but I guess that is too many. I posted a new post with 7 tags=categories, and it shows in Global Search just fine. Thanks for all the help!

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