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  1. How can I make my most recent posts go to the top of my page?
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  2. The answer is "no". Blogs are essentially a reverse chronological publishing tool. WordPress by default shows posts in reverse chronological order (newest at top). For returning visitors, the is very convenient since they can see the latest post without having to page down through page after page of hundreds of posts they have already read. You can place a "sticky post" at the top of all of your other posts. See here for the option of creating a book-like structure > Perhaps that will work for you.

  3. Oh no! I answered in the exact reverse of what you are saying. I'm so sorry.

    Your most recent posts ought to be appearing at the top. If they aren't appearing in reverse chronological order then there are two possible causes.

    Please confirm that your date and timezone are correctly set on this page Settings > General

    The default timezone setting is UTC time. To change that to your own timezone you go here > Settings > General > and select the closest city to you in the same timezone in the dropdown you see there and then click "save changes".

    Next confirm that you do not have a bunch of posts marked as "sticky posts" appearing above your most recent posts. If that's an issue your must edit to remove the sticky post designation.

  4. Thank you so much for your help! I did some double checking and realized that somehow my publishing times had gotten messed up, which made my posts look out of order. Got it all sorted out though!

  5. I'm so glad to hear that. Thanks for letting us know. Happy blogging! :)

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