‘Posts page’ problem – when 5 users each have own blog page on one site

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    I have tried to set up a closed WordPress site where 5 users are each able to post to their own page.

    I cannot work out how each user can automatically be able to post to their own particular page.

    Right now they all have to go into ‘Reading Settings’ each time, to ensure that the ‘Posts page:’ is pointing at their particular page, and not at the page of one of the other 4 bloggers.

    Is there any way that each one of the 5 would automatically be able to post to just the blog page with their name on?

    I’ve poked around in support and forums but not found an answer to this. (Plus, I think that multiple blog pages on one site might only have been enabled recently?)

    Many thanks to anyone who can help.


    The blog I need help with is integraljournals.wordpress.com.



    “I cannot work out how each user can automatically be able to post to their own particular page.”

    Well, that’s easy to deal with: this is not possible at WordPress.com as far as I am aware, though staff don’t tell me everything. It is possible at WordPress.org.

    If you want something SIMILAR then you just allow them to post normally and put the Author widget in the sidebar. Then their posts will come up in the main blog, interspliced according to who posted what most recently, and if you click on their name in the Author widget all that one author’s posts come up in a new, dynamic page.


    Many thanks for this.

    I feel like I’m excruciatingly close – if this works on WordPress.org but not yet WordPress.com…!

    Any clues about when this functionality might be available on WordPress.com?

    (I don’t think I have the webmaster skills to host wordpress.org + there’s the cost of hosting etc).

    I had just presumed that features would somehow be universal across both, rather than just on one.

    The Author widget is helpful – but I’m not quite sure if it works well enough as a workaround. It looks like it’s limited to showing the most recent 10 posts by any one author – rather than all of them.

    But authors would need to be able to access to all of them, with the older ones in an archive perhaps.

    It also doesn’t show the beginning of the text of each post, just the title.

    Basically, I suppose what I’m saying is that clicking on an Author in the Author Widget doesn’t throw up something that looks and functions… like a blog! ;-)

    As you rightly put it, ‘SIMILAR’…!

    I guess I need to go back to the this little potential blogging community, and see what they think is the best approach – for our shared ‘learning journals’. (There’s probably some other workaround, using ‘categories’ for authors all the time)

    Perhaps changing the ‘posts page’ setting every time will give something that is closer to 5 people’s own blogs…?

    Many thanks again,


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