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  1. I'm having trouble making the settings>reading>blog pages show at most. I've set that to 1 and expected only one post but get all posts ( a total of 3 in my experimentation using default theme twentyten). Am a newbie and need some help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff introduced "infinite scroll" on your theme. To disable it and regain control over how many posts display on your front page go here Appearance > Widgets and place an empty text widget (open - save - close) in your sidebar. After you do that there will be an option to disable infinite scroll on your > Settings > Reading page (select - save changes).

  3. I tried that and it didn't work =(

  4. @alisonwjung
    I see 8 posts on your frontv page. What number did you set here > Settings > Reading?
    What do you mean by "it didn't wwork?". Where exactly did you get hung up?

    P.S. Everyone else who used that approach provided by Staff (myself included) succeeded. If I were you I would go through those steps again.

  5. Never mind I figured it out. Thanks

  6. pashtopashtoon

    i cant post in my pages other than "Home" how i can post in my other pages? I need some help

  7. Thanks timethief for the prompt reply. I tried your suggestion (appearance>widgets>text) with the blank text widget. I verified that the widget was getting inserted into the sidebar by making it visible by adding some text. I then removed that one and reinserted a blank one. I then set settings>reading to 1. Still get multiple posts per page. Additionally, I tried both settings>front page displays on both your home page and a static page. No joy. Any suggestions?

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