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Posts saving as drafts, not publishing

  1. I'm not sure what's up with this, but all my posts for the past several hours have been saving as drafts. I have to THEN go in and hit "Publish" before they go up. Anyone else having this problem, or should I just give in to my paranoid fantasies of government intervention?

  2. noshowerfamily

    that happened to me too earlier. i thought i was hallucinating because i was pretty sure that i pressed "publish".

  3. Seems to have stopped, but now when I'm writing the damn page is autosaving, which pops it to the top of my stack of open windows. Veddy annoying, turning my blog into a popup window.

  4. i clicked published and it goes to another window and asks are you sure you want to edit this? with a yes or no button. i pressed back on my browser and clicked publish again, and it works this again. weird.

  5. @raincoaster
    I downloaded a free program called "Blogdesk". It's easy to use and I like it a lot. You can create your post in it without doing any coding at all. You can add technorati tags right in the Blogdesk program. You can insert and resize images and when you're done then you can upload directly into your blog with the click of a single button. You may want to check it out so here's the link

  6. Thanks, I'll check it out. I like to write right within the blog, online; I find my posts are different if I write them offline. Actually, I write one blog offline, because it's more creative writing and less linking etc, and the WordPress one I write in cyberspace, just because it puts me in the right mindset. But I might experiment with this, thanks.

  7. Has anyone else tried Windows Live Writer? I just tried it last night and it seems to work well. (Used it for a post about it on my blog)

  8. If you have not tried BlogDesk then I suggest you download both programs and run a comparison. I use BloGDesk which IMO is superior. BlogDesk has a contexual spellchecker and has a built in technorati tag generator and Live Writer lacks a technorati tag generator and it's spellcheck isn't contextual as far as I can tell.

    Blog Desk is easier to use, uploads far more quickly. Granted Live Writer it does allow the insertion of a map which may be useful from time to time for some people but not for me.

    But beware because Live Writer it does not recognize the wordpress "more" tags. And it does not have as many options for image posting as BlogDesk does.

    Live Writer is of course geared for the use of IE which I have ignored ever since I got a firefox browser. Currently I'm favouring BlogDesk over Live Writer.

  9. I thought technorati tags were generated with our categories? And I don't use IE. Uploads so far have been fast. And the spellchecker has been great.

    I post to draft so that I can make specific changes (like modifying the more tag or linking to pictures already on my blog). Did I read the specs correctly on Blog Desk that it doesn't do HTML?

  10. If you check the ends of my posts you will find the technorati tags which I do in BlogDesk. And if your recall every time people complain about not pinging through to technorati I say words to the effect of within 3-8 minutes after posting technorti has my posts on their site every time. Thus I find the built in tag generator very effective.

    Now as for html. I can't see the point of doing all the extra typing and thinking to provide html code when I can simply type the plain text into BlogDesk and click the buttons for the formatting. Once BlogDesk publishes it to my blog their programming supplies the required html. This has been a real timesaver for me.

    Also the BlogDesk options for image re-sizing and postioning are superior to live writer's.

  11. @raincoaster
    You started this thread which has now gone off-topic so I'm wondering if you would like to add two tags for Windows Live Writer and BlogDesk please. That way when it goes into the forum search box people will be able to retrieve the thread by using those two terms.

  12. I've not had any issues with Technorati, so I can't attest to that. But I need to be able to do some HTML editing, so that makes Blog Desk a no go for me. The images thing is not important to me.

    I haven't found the answer yet on the key words that Live Writer uses - don't know if those are Technorati tags or not.

  13. Just to be clear on BlogDesk I don't know if you can use html in it or not. I rejoiced that I didn't have to bother and looked no further. But I have inserted the new more tags without difficulty.

  14. Usually for me the 'original' topic question can be solved by clicking published in the post status, not always but most of the time that does the trick, but its a bit annoying to keep having to do...

  15. I found out that there is a plug in for Technorati tags in Windows Live Writer

  16. Shall add tags as per tt's request. Question: am I mistaken, or are WordPress tags Technorati tags automatically?

    No famewhore alley shall be unexplored on the raincoaster blog!!!

  17. It's happening to me, too: 9/4/06, 8:15 a.m. PDT. I very carefully click "publish," and it acts as if it's publishing (doesn't show the post as "saved"). I click "View site" and it's not there. I click "write post," and there it is, saved as if I had clicked "save". I click it, click "publish" a second time, and then it works. Not a serious problem, since the workaround is easy, but thought you'd want to know.

  18. @blayde
    Thanks for the work around tip.

    @lesisure guy
    Please send in a feedback to report this bug with a link to this thread.

    Yes you can use html in BlogDesk just as you can in Live Writer.

    @ rain
    Thanks for including the tags so others can find this in the forum search box later.

    I have never heard anyone in WordPress sysadmin state that wordpress tags are automatically technorati tags. The only statement I have heard is that pingomatic in turn pings technorati.

    It is my understanding that it is the blogger's responsibility to supply their own tags and the default is that the spiders look for key words when they aren't supplied. As this was my understanding I have always used the technorati tagging system and placed my technorati tags at the end of each post. I likewise created categories and subcategories to mirror technorati's. The search spiders always find my tags in no time flat. Unlike other people I have never ever had a problem getting a ping through to technorati and the only support requests I made - 2 when I first started were resolved within 1 and 2 days. FWIW I'm now going to use del-icio-us tags as well.

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