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    I’m having a strange problem. I have posts from my Bear Tales category show up on my Newest Bear Tales page. WHY IS THAT? There is other content that I posted on Newest Bear Tales THAT ISN’T SHOWING UP? (The only time I see the new things I put in there is when I am in ‘EDIT’ page mode. HOPE TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE SOON! Here’s the address to my blog:




    That blog looks a little messed up. The About actually doesn’t go to the about page; it goes to the blog address itself. The “newest bear tales” looks like a local category tag page only. Anything you tag with “newest bear tales” will show up on that page, but EVERYTHING should be showing up on your About Bear tales section, because that’s the actual blog. I’m thinking you need some help from the Support staff, so contact them when Support reopens in a few hours.

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