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    I have created a static page and a separate page for posts. I have checked my “Reading” settings 47 times and they are correct–my front page is the static page (Home) and my post page is what I want to be my posts page (Get to Know Philly). My problem is that my posts are showing on both pages. My understanding is that with my current settings there should be NO posts on my static page and ALL posts on my blog page.

    Ideally I’d actually have one category of posts on my home page, so if someone wants to tell me how to do that I’d be thrilled! But at the moment I am just confused and would like my seemingly correct settings to take effect!

    The blog I need help with is


    Open the page you created for your static front page and in the “attributes” module select “default” as the page template. You have it set as a “showcase” page template and that means it will show your posts in the unique Duster theme format.


    I made the exact same mistake you did and thesacredpath answered me then as he is now answering you! What a difference a month makes.

    Yes, when the Showcase template is used for the static front page your blog posts show on it. This is by design. It allows people who want to have a static front page to also have blog entries on it. After I thought about it, I left my static front page using the Showcase Template. I just liked other parts of it too much. Basically I just keep my monthly update post as the blog sticky (ok I only have one update post so far) and it really belongs on the front page.



    Thanks so much for the replies. Now I get it.

    Like gettingsexyback, I really don’t want to give up my showcase template for the home page. I just really only want one category of posts showing there. I thought I could making a category page on my custom menu, then set that to the showcase template. But that doesn’t really create a true Page that can be edited, so that genius idea is no good.

    Soooo, anyone know how to make posts on the Showcase template page only come from one category?




    Soooo, anyone know how to make posts on the Showcase template page only come from one category?

    Please note that the custom Showcase Page Template is NOT connected to categories. >


    @weknowphilly, sorry there is not a way to do that.

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