Posts still on global tags after tag was deleted.

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    It is not a big deal but I do not want anything to be wrong if there is. But yesterday I deleted my entertainment tag. Anything celebrity I tagged it as both celebrity and entertainment. Then a friend told me I should not use the entertainment tag on most of those. I said if it’s celebrity, then it’s also entertainment. He said no. I said what’s the difference. So I got rid of the entertainment tag, about 50 posts, but my posts are still showing on the global tags from page 14 on. So I kept the celebrity tag and added new tags celebrity news, porn news, and news to make up for getting rid of the entertainment tag. And no my blog does not have any nudity because I do not want to be kicked off the global tag page or loose my Photobucket account. Thank you for any help and happy new year!



    The tags might be “cached” so they are not constantly bombarding the servers with requests. I would imagine it will eventually notice the changes on an update and disappear, but it might be awhile. Not 100% sure on that, but it sure strikes of that.



    Thank you!


    Have I been blacklisted or something? My blog isn’t linked to my name anymore. I spent about two days as a top 10 post and a growing blog and nothing happened. I come here and ask a question and I’m busted? There is no nudity. Nuts!



    Your blog was reported as containing mature material.
    While there is no nudity the blog is covering the adult film industry which really does put it into the Mature category. Sorry.


    Shouldn’t my tags at the footer of my posts now lead back to my own page with the rest of my tags instead of the global tag page? Or is more time needed for that to change? Because the uncategorized tag leads back to the rest of the posts tagged uncategorized on my own blog.



    If the tags at the foot of each post lead to a “local” tag page listing only your blog, that’s as it should be. If they go to the global tag page, that’s not working properly and staff needs to change that.


    It’s going to the global page. My Paris Hilton post leads there but without me being listed there. Maybe more time is needed.



    Two possibilities: either it takes time for the change to be made and you’ll have to wait for it OR the version of your blog that you’re looking at is a cached version from before Mark made the change. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and doing a forced reload of your blog’s main page. This is definitely NOT the way the tags are supposed to work.

    Mind you, it gives an advantage, but I doubt they’d be THAT craven. It would be really out there in my opinion.



    Yep, just tested in on a blog I know to be “Adulted” and the tags go to local tag pages.


    How does it give an advantage? Because it gives traffic to other blogs other than my own when visiting my site? I would set up tags instead of categories but there is no way to manage tags. So I set it up this way with categories though it leads people away from my site.



    No, the advantage would come because if your blog links to the Global tag/category page, you increase its pagerank, its power in search engine terms. Then it in turn lends that power to every blog post that it links to. If it worked properly, you wouldn’t link to it and it wouldn’t link to you. Right now it appears you’re linking to it, increasing its power, but it’s not linking to you.

    Having tested it, I can say that in your case this is not working properly; it should not lead to the Global tag/category page at all. Staff will have to fix it.


    Out of 74 posts, only 8 would be considered porn industry news. Since my site is only a week old I wonder if I could either edit them and take out the names of porn companies or delete them to get my site unmatured. Or would any talk or pictures of porn stars and celebrity porn stars be considered as Mark said covering the adult film industry. I’ll try to contact support tomorrow and see.


    The tags at the footer of my posts still go to the global tag page instead of to my own site since being marked as mature. Is it something wrong on my end or it will just take longer?

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