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    Happy New Year!

    Seriously, I don’t know why other blogs steal posts without permission. I faced this once on a blog, and the guy removed it for good!

    Other websites stole my posts which are not from, and they removed it. Some removed everything while others kept a little part.

    Now, I am facing again this, and they are not on I know cannot do anything because these blogs and websites are not hosted here!

    All I want to say, is to make WordPress staff aware in case they notice or think I copied posts from others, when in reality, they stole my posts.

    Sadly, I cannot take them to the court, this will demand money, but I hope they get penalized on search engines! I hope search engine algorithms know which blog or website has posted a post first if they detect duplicated posts.

    I don’t know if you have passed in my situation, but if yes, I will be glad to hear it!

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t need to take them to court. Your timing is amazing, as just a few hours ago I made a post which tells you how to get their blogs taken offline completely when they do this. It doesn’t cost anything, either, and you don’t need to go to court. Here:



    I was thinking to do that. the blog which has stolen my post is on Blogger. So, I clicked to report but Blogger is asking too much information. Thus I abandoned.

    A guy even stole my post and made a video on it with my contents on YouTube.

    Well, the essential thing is that I posted this here, so that my blog is not penalized! I hope they are being screwed by search engines. As far as I know, and my knowledge on SEO, search engines do recognize duplicate posts and punish the websites which have written the post after the original one.

    I can say I am not losing visitors too much on the stolen posts. So, I think search engines are playing badly to them which is good for me. Each time I went on the blog to see how many visitors it is getting, I always see 1 or 2 persons online.

    However, even that, you feel a pain when these damn robbers steal your post mercilessly without permission and accreditation.

    I prefer to let it go I think…



    Yes, search engines are penalizing you. If you’re okay with that, then let it go.

    You can indeed send Google a DMCA notice from the template I linked to in that post, and they will be forced to take it down. I’ve taken down I don’t know how many dozen Blogger blogs. You can also click on their ads, on the “Ads by Google” line, and report them to Adsense, as stealing content is against the terms there. Google will pull their ads, killing off their reason for living.



    No, search engines are not penalizing me it seems, but are penalizing them, I went on the blog which has stolen my post, and I see it always get 1 and 2 visitors.

    Search engines are not lame lol, if like this, hundreds of thousands of websites would be penalized if others steal your posts. Search engines do know which website has posted the post first. It is them which are being penalized not me!

    I will see what I will do. The essential thing is I posted here as an evidence!



    That they are not as popular as you doesn’t mean you’re not being penalized. And search engines know that a classic spam technique is to post something on one site and then spam it to a whole bunch of other sites. Consequently, in recent times they have taken to penalizing both the copy sites and the original, which is all the more reason you should assert your copyright. But it is entirely up to you.



    I sent the guy a message on his Facebook and I commented on a post telling him to read the Facebook message. I gave him 1 week, else I am proceeding! It seems his entire blog has stolen posts…



    If you had answered all the questions at blogger you would have generated a DMCA notice that goest straight to blogger staff not the thief blogger – blogger will remove material – I had a whole Post copied and found it – went through the whole cycle – the blogger took my Post off but then took his own pictures (it was a how to do it) that were exactly like my pictures and put his copy of my Post (using all my old text) – turned him in again and it looks like he has kept my stuff off his blog – but he has not much real content – just copies what others have done –

    Go back to blogger – do not give him the week – he knows he is slime – have no sympathy for the slime ball



    Yesterday, I was on the DMCA form! Then I said to myself, let me inform him, perhaps he does not know about SEO and copyright infringement etc…

    You know many new bloggers, particularly noobs, do not know about this. They just copy and share like those people on Tumblr who just reblog and reblog!

    Like I said, I am not being affected it seems even the guy stole it, but I disagree to let it go if he does not remove. It is my content, I will not tolerate this if you did not ask permission.

    It seems he has not yet read my message. He posted a post today, and I commented telling him to verify his Facebook message. The blog seems in Hungarian language (Not sure), but I have noticed some posts in English have been stolen! I clicked on one of the English posts, I searched the title on Google to know if this post has been copied from another blog, and to my utter amazement, it is from another blogger. I want to inform that guy as well later perhaps.

    There is another blog on Blogger again, which has stolen two of my posts. However, I edited my two posts so he had the older versions. This one I do not really care. I saw also a guy made a YouTube video with some of my content. This one I will message him to take down the video or simply remove my content part on the video.

    This is crazy but this should be solved! It is time for search engines to act severe in detecting duplicate posts, analyze which website posted the first, and condemn the websites which post the same contents without modifications after it!

    By the way, this DMCA thing should be more easy! I don’t know why they don’t make it simple, just like a basic reporting system. Then the administrators verify that’s all!

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