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Posts suddenly not showing up under topics

  1. Hi...Maybe someone can explain to me why this is happening...The last 3 posts I made in the last week are not showing up in the topics section. I post mostly recipes and DIY/crafts and after I publish my posts, I check the topic in which I categorized the post. All my previous posts until the last three this week have always appeared there. I try to categorize and tag posts as best as I can. My email followers are able to receive the new posts, but the general wordpress readers are not apparently. Is there some way to fix this or something I can check? FYI - I have made sure I didn't accidentally change them to private rather than public. Thank you for any help on this, because what good are the posts if I can't share them, right? :) ~Micha

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Your blog was taking so long to load that I didn't have the patience left to look at how many Categories and Tags you had added to your posts. Please see here > >

  3. I always use less than 10 tags and they are always relevant. None of the other reasons apply either.

  4. So upon further investigation, I found one or two of my previous posts from last month where I had accidentally used 12 tags instead of 5-10. (I've only been blogging here since Feb) But like I said, they appeared in the topics and search just fine. I edited the post tags for those tonight just to be safe. Now I am finding that none of my posts are coming up in the search feature (from the topics page). Why am I invisible to the search feature lately? I'd love for someone to shed some light on this...Thank you!

  5. Because you had broken the rules of the wordpress so your posts are not showing under the topics

  6. Actually I ended up contacting the support dept. and they said I had an affiliate link in one of my posts which was unintentionally put in there. I put a link to give directions on how to do something (which I found on google) but apparently the site was selling things as well. It got resolved. I just wish I was contacted regarding this misunderstanding, rather than have me try and figure out for days why I was invisible!

  7. My last two posts have been invisible as well and I wasn't aware of a tag limit or violation. I've adjusted my last one. I've never had a problem posting in topics before, is this rule new? I have no problem adhering however how would one know this? Maybe if it was posted in the tag section? That would have helped me. My adjusted post is still not showing up! Any reason why that might be? Thank you for any assistance here.

  8. No this is not a new rule. After you remove categories/tags it may take some time until the system recognizes the updated posts. Also note that the display of posts on the most popular Topics pages is randomized as there are so many being published every minbute of every day.

  9. Thanks for the guidance. I have removed tags now. I understand that it randomized and that it should be fair. I've just always seen my posts on the topics page as soon as I've posted them so wasn't sure if there were any other issues. If it's a matter of tags only that is easily rectified. Thanks again!

  10. I appreciate that WP would like to control the topic breadth bloggers use, but warnings need to be posted. Just not posting someone's blog for having ten or more tags/categories is ridiculous.

  11. skybluewithdaisies

    i have been blogging on WordPress since last year and I too never knew about the tag rule. i probably should have educated myself fully before i started my first post, but i do spend a LOT of time doing research on blogging, etiquette, tutorials, and admit i do learn a lot by doing and making mistakes. i thought that was how a lot of bloggers were learning. i recently published a post that was very dear me and was saddened when i told my parents to look for it on the art and dance feeds, and it was never there. thoroughly frustrated, i did some more research and stumbled across a tiny spot that notes the max tags allowed. my tags too were relevant, but i certainly would narrow them down if i knew that rule, which never seemed to apply before. i also was not able to post it again so that it would show up. I can't find anywhere that states if you are banned forever from the feeds, or if you are eventually forgiven and allowed back on them. it would greatly help users going forward if there was a warning or something in the section where you add your tags. thank you all for the info and for giving me comfort i am not alone.

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