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    Hmm. I posted this in the forums several hours ago, but I can not find it now. Question. I am having people visit my post and stay for long period of time. One hit into my site and then they malinger, which is fine with me. I am glad that they are reading my posts, however I do not beleive I am getting credit — hits– for the other posts that they read once they are in my site. How can I remedy this stat dilenma. Again, please be patient with me as I am learning. Thanks so much.




    Just for reference: Link

    Easiest way to find your threads is click on that “View Your Profile” along the top right there and you’ll get a list.

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks for the head’s up Sir. No one has given me information as to my question above. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks again my friend.





    the answers are on the other thread, which Mike linked to in his answer :)

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