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    ok i know ive asked this question and i have looked into this page:
    but i still dont understand.
    i have 2 blogs in wordpress, so out of desperation i created the new one (yodeesigner) excatly like the old one (themakeoutroom). but why is it that i can post my writings in the “Our Thoughts” page in themakeoutroom but i couldn’t post my writing in the “Blah blah” page in yodessigner. Both are additional pages to the blog.
    please help. thanks.



    Please send a feedback into staff. The blue button is on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages. Other bloggers are having trouble too. Please remain calm.



    “Right, but since support is closed today, we can’t send any feedback until it reopens tomorrow.”

    Good grief. I didn’t realize this was the case. It’s Monday. It’s not the weekend. I have no idea what’s going on with that and why support is temporarily closed. But I do know staff have the support forums on rss feeds and that they must know about this.

    … Oh Mark … we have 1 blogger in this thread as well as 9 others in two other threads on the board with the same or similar problems

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