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Posts will not show up on main page

  1. This is my page:

    Notice that none of my blog posts (only 2 added thus far anyway) show up on the home page, but my slider is working fine.

    In my settings I have it set as a static home page, with my "New Reviews" as the Front Page and the "Archived Reviews" as the Post Page.

    But nothing shows up below the slider. What do I have to do to make the posts visible from the home page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have it set to a static home page. Blog posts by definition do not show on a static page. You will have to choose to have your blog open on the Blog Posts page.

  3. but then i lose my slider

  4. I'm sure that in the themes forum there are guidelines on how to get the slider to show. It wouldn't be on if it only showed on static pages.

  5. well i followed the instructions on how to make the slider work, and by everything i'm reading, it sounds as if my slider should work AND my posts should be on the home page, but it's just not happening for me. Confused as all hell to be honest and havent been able to find an answer that seems to work and I've been searching for hours now.

  6. btw, the inner workings of blogs/sites/layout stuff is DEF not my bag, so I'm a little slow with this stuff lol

  7. When you say "i followed the instructions on how to make the slider work" which instructions exactly did you follow? we need to know. Nuntius works differently from other themes. Do you have Featured Posts? Featured Images?

  8. Im looking for the thread (found it through yahoo) where an admin or something posted instructions for getting the slider going with a proper functioning front page, but I've been at this for hours at this point, i've literally read a good 250 topics on this ranging from wordpress forum posts to random help me type of posts on other sites regarding WP. Having trouble even finding the specific instructions I followed that enabled me to get the slider going.

    Is there no simple method to having a slider and your blog posts show up on the front page when using this nuntius theme? Furthermore, is there a theme that has a slider thats easier to work with? I cannot believe how challenging this is - feels about 5000 times more difficult than it should be.

    I have featured images, don't even know how to make a "featured post" tbh

  9. You're not using a static page as your front, you're using the special News template page of the theme. The News template page can display some featured posts in the slider, plus some other posts from a featured category, plus some other recent posts. A post cannot show twice on the same page: since you only have two posts so far, and you've set them both as featured posts, the page has nothing else to display.

  10. lord it's sad how ignorant I am to all of this (in more than a half decade in my field I've ALWAYS had an editor to run my content, so I've never SERIOUSLY messed with this stuff).

    Are you saying that automatically, nothing will show up on my front page until I have more than 5 pieces posted?

    Were I to leave the blog structured as it is right now, will the site function (as I intend it to) once I surpass more than 5 pieces, or are there still some significant changes needed on the back end?

    BTW, I've got to apologize for how lame I am right now. I'm not really accustomed to not grasping things immediately, which has me insanely frustrated. I thank you guys for the attempts at helping me so far though, really.

  11. going back over those links now, BTW, I obviously missed something.

  12. There's nothing to apologize for, and you're not lame or anything: you simply selected a tricky theme.
    Yes, nothing else will show up on your front page until you have a sufficient number of posts and set one post category as your featured category.
    If what you're primarily interested in is the slider, things will be simpler if you select a different theme: one with the slider on the main posts page.

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