Posts with double images that overlapping sidebars!! GAH!!!

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    Hi community!

    Please help a newbie in distress. I created my first blog and an faced with an issue whenever I post a new picture. The picture post appears with the original image cropped, then a duplicate image immediately below that’s full-size and overlaps my sidebars. Spent hours trying to figure this one out and have not made any progress : / Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    blog address:

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    The blog I need help with is



    i am also a newbie with the same problem, except that the second image does not overlap the sidebars.

    i also DISLIKE the horribly huge and ALL CAPS caption on the first image.

    i’m using triton lite

    any help is much appreciated!





    There is a workaround for this. Support has followed up with the following message:

    “You found a great bug! :)

    I’ve reported this to our developers, and they are working on it.

    In the mean time, you can correct this by removing the excerpt in the post editor:

    * Go to the post you are wanting to edit
    * Scroll down to the ‘Excerpt’ section, and remove all the text in the box
    * Click the ‘Update’ button to update your post

    Another way around this is to use the ‘old’ dashboard to make new posts:

    Go there, then go to Posts -> Add New on the left hand side.”

    The second workaround worked for me!

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