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    I want to be able to write a post within a page in addition to having it appear on my front page. Like this:

    She is able to separate individual posts within her pages instead of there being a long stream of writing.

    Am I able to do this?

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    If you want to organize your posts into topics or sections, you can use “Categories”. The names may be somewhat confusing, but “Pages” on have a different use, and you can’t show posts inside “Pages”.

    When you assign a category to a post, that post is automatically added to that category’s archive on your blog. The category archive is a page that shows all posts in a certain category, so this sounds like exactly what you were trying to do.

    For example, on the blog we have a category called “New Features”. When we launch a new new feature, we post about it on that blog, and assign the post to the New Features category. You can see all those posts here:

    (Note that the way the archive looks depends on the theme you have on your blog – some themes show the posts in their entirety, some only show links that lead to the full posts, some show excerpts, etc.)

    You can shows link to all the category archives on your blog by adding a Categories widget to the sidebar, under Appearance > Widgets. Read more about customizing the sidebar and the categories widget here:

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