posts won’t list in summary format even when option selected

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    I selected the “summary” option as opposed to having the posts seen full length and my page still won’t show the change.

    Am I doing something wrong or not doing something right?

    mark jr.



    (1.) The “summary option” only applies to the length of the posts available to others through rss feeds.
    =>Dashboard => Options => Reading

    Syndication Feeds
    Show the most recent: posts
    For each article, show:
    Full text
    Note: If you use the <!–more–> feature, it will cut off posts in RSS feeds.

    (2.) In any theme you can use the more tag <!–more–> and insert it into text in a post wherever you choose.

    (3.) Different themes have different features. If you want a theme that automatically shows only 1 complete post on the front page and then title links to the others then Fadtastic does this. Also the Hemingway theme automatically shows just two post excerpts on the front page.



    >”…the posts seen full length and my page still won’t show the change.”

    To be SPECIFIC: you wrote “posts” AND “page” –so if the “pages” aren’t summarized in the feed, how about clearing cache or F5 re-load, or total re-boot and then see if the feed gets it right.

    I checked my feed after seeing your thread and it correctly shows summary version. So if you don’t see yours change, then on Monday send a note to Support via “Feedback” (–Dashboard, upper right corner) for help.



    I am using Twenty-eight Thirteen 0.1a theme and i have the same problem. I hope someone can tell me what to do to fix this.




    The “summary” option only refers to the RSS feed, as Timethief pointed out. Is your RSS feed still displaying full posts, even when you have this set to “summary” or is there another issue?


    I got it fixed. You just have to click the “more” button when you’re writting the posts.

    I’m a retard.
    mark jr.



    No you’re not. You just didn’t read what I posted on the first go-round closely enough. Happy blogging :)

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