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Posts won't publish

  1. I'm having a problem with my newest blog that I've never had before. My first post is the only post that has published onto the site. I wrote a second post last night and published it but it does not show up on the site. The post status is published, it shows up in my "manage posts" area, but its not on the blog. I can't even view or preview the post as it tells me that it isn't there.


  2. Best bet would be to send in a feedback to staff from your dashboard. Be sure to include URLs to your blog and mention the title of the posts in question. They can't help you without them.

  3. @drmike
    Have you seen this?
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  4. I deleted it and posted it again, this time it showed up. The first one was a scheduled post that was written last night. Maybe that has something to do with why it wouldnot show up.

  5. Scheduled posts sometimes don't show up until you go back into Manage and edit them. Don't know why. They also DO NOT show up in the tag pages even if they post properly, unless you edit them. I'm going to stop using them until that's fixed.

  6. Actually they show up on the tag pages when you first hit that publish button. If you have it set to a different time, it won't show up at that time.

  7. Really? Because my tag page hits have fallen off a cliff since I started post-posting lately. I should experiment to see if it's just me. After all, what good is it if they show up then but nobody can read them?

  8. Ahhh ... the downside to scheduled postings is now revealed.

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