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    My two most recent posts appear under “Manage”, but they don’t appear when you view my actual blog. It’s almost like every time I click on “Publish”, it saves it instead and just won’t publish it.

    Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks.



    What’s the time listed on your posts? It’s not somehow in the future, is it?


    Well, I have been having trouble getting the time straight. So then the problem is probably there somehow? Well, they were in the future, but I considered that and changed them, but now they still won’t show up. I’ll mess around with it some more.


    Okay, definitely not in the future. The first one is at 11:something am and the next one is around noon, but I was definitely having trouble with the time BEFORE. …Yet the time is correct on everything now but still won’t publish.



    Have you tried Dashboard -> Manage -> Posts -> Edit the post in question -> Post status set to Published?

    Not sure why you’re having this issue. My thinking is along the lines of somehow they got saved with a time stamp in the future. If you, they get saved instead of published.

    Double check the post status. If it’s still an issue, drop them a feedback. Sounds like something might wrong on the backend.

    Is every post doing this? You mention two posts but I was wondering if you’ve made any posts since then.

    Under your Dashboard -> Options -> General -> Date and Time -> “Times in the weblog should differ by:” should be set to -4 hours. (I see from the forum logs that you’re in Virginia.) Make sure that’s correct as well.

    Good luck,



    I had the same problem. I republished, and republished, and republished and eventually I saw them on my blog. I assume something wrong was with In fact, I got the message “ is taking a lunch break” a couple of times while trying to publish my post.


    They actually just showed up today. That is, one showed up all of a sudden, and the other actually published when I told it to, so I’m going to assume I’m in the clear for now.

    Thank you both so much for your help!



    Only other thing I can think of is that the last time Matt and staff did backend upgrades, they did a sort of lock down on the database and all of the posts went directly to “draft” status. But everybody was coming here to complain about it. I wonder if it’s connected.



    The same thing is happening to me at the moment. I’m trying to make a post and when I click publish it tells me that I’m moving away from the page and asks me if I still want to go. I guess I’ll just have to wait for it to be fixed like the other guys.



    ngetchell, might help if you actually post what it says. That way we can help you. :)



    There are a lot of entries about this on this thread too



    I’m having the same problem. I made a couple of posts, one of them shows up in Firefox – but not in IE or Opera. The other doesn’t show up at all.

    Have checked ‘Post Status’, it is set to published. Also checked ‘Timestamp’, definitely not in the future.

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