Posts won’t save with flickr images

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    I’ve been having this issue since I moved to 2.5 – something has been changed in the new release which means any Flickr (and flickr only) images that are inserted into the post cause the post to not be saved.

    When I click “Save” or “Publish” with a Flickr image inserted into the post it will simply stay at post.php indefinitely before timing out and not saving the post.

    It doesn’t do this with any other images – I can upload images to WP quite happily and nothing comes of it!



    You need to be over at Our software here looks the same, but works differently and they’ll have the answers that apply to you.

    Differences outlined here:



    how do you add the flickr photos to your post? i’ve always – and still do – posted only flickr images. i updated today, and it works for me?

    by the way i only post with the “html” option, and when i add photos, i use the code that you get from “all sizes.”

    it has been working so well that i terminated my own webspage (thus, and transferred everything to



    Raincoaster, I realised that soon after I posted the thread.

    God damn wordpress and their confusing domains!! *shakes fist*



    I was confused at first, too. Later, I realized if I understood the instructions and my question was answered promptly, I was at .com. This was a MAJOR factor in choosing to host my blog here instead of independently. Those .org forums don’t seem as helpful.

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