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Posts you were excited to publish

  1. Did you have a few seminal blog posts that you could hardly wait to publish? Because you wanted to show something beautiful, had a great thought, experience or idea?

    I just created one but delaying publication for a next few days.
    Sounds wierd, but I actually wanted to show some of the fireworks pics during the Winter Olympics. (Click on Olympics in my categories section.)
    Or recent travel story on impromtu Tour du Spargel (White Asparagus).

    What were your favourite blog posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. christiangrblr

    My off topic posts :)

    Like this one

  3. My favorite blog posts are when it has so much action dripping from the words.

  4. I found lots of passion in the last post I wrote concerning a woman's sexual pleasure. I allowed myself tobe humorous while staying informative.

  5. Posts on issues that make me question my choices, thoughts....
    You know the ones on topics that sound superficial or entertaining but that end up being a bit taboo like when I wrote on rumors ofracism in the French movie industry or on the effects of colonialism on African clothing style.

  6. I liked both of your articles hibiscusjaune.

    So far, both my blogs have content that is not necessarily something to provoke hrs. and hrs. of heated debate. If occasionally I might plant a thought to have a reader interested in something, that they were previously bored with, then that's good enough.

    I have some wierd (to many people) future topics to write. Some fun, others will take more effort.

  7. You've probably enjoyed writing that article on biking in airports. Anyways, I enjoyed reading it.

  8. I have 3 monthly post that I can't wait to publidh each month...soon to be 4:
    1. Tribute to number 1 band
    2. My top 5 of everything
    3. Hello Japan Challenge
    4 Indonesia banget (will start this month on the 17th)

  9. Actually, Hbjaune I didn't write the article. But I'm the blogmaster for that particular blog. My partner tends to be more technically focused in his topics (well it's his company).

    I enjoy writing more about the cultural/sensory/social aspects of cycling.
    I already have an idea hatching in my head but it will be more foodie oriented. Won't happen for awhile since some stuff will be going on for next few days.

    Just amazing what range of topics that people are enthused to write on. It's great!
    Let's hear more ...

  10. I love each post I publish. Though, I was dripping with excitement when I published: Temptation, Enchantress, Little Reminders, and My bucket list on my about me section.

  11. theintentionalsage

  12. I have to say, the one I loved writing about was my first experience eating a Five Guys Burger. I couldn't wait to write it. I probably took 5 full pages of notes while eating and still had a hard time writing it all down!

  13. That's great binny that you collected alot of thoughts for blog fodder. And filled your stomach too.

    There are some blog posts I get besotted by the visuals/accompanying photos that I don't want to push it down further on the web post/list with a more recent but far less visually dynamic/arresting post.

    I like some of my photos accompanying some posts..looks soo purrrty juxtaposed against my blog customised header. Especially for my

    Crazy, eh?

  14. Huli Huli Chicken with recipe

  15. Generally everything I write is the same old crap and seen by few so there's not much hope of feedback so there's little excitement in that area, but on occasion I'll be in a down mood and write something about her in hopes that she'll see it and change her mind.

  16. christiangrblr

  17. cindyashleymiller

    ...all of them...i enjoy publishing each and every one...

  18. all my posts.. i love putting my art work up ;p

  19. I like some of your artwork babowly. Have you ever approached an organization that offers children's services? They might want a design for a fundraising poster/shirt, billboard....etc.

    I have a post in mind, that hasn't yet been conceived in writing yet. but I have the matching photos. We saw something while cycling in Germany...which one does not see at all in North America.

    It was a pretty magic kind of moment too.

  20. christiangrblr

    The first post on my second blog

  21. actually yes, this one here.

    I think it has potential and i am rather proud of the guitar work.

    Michael... aka threadkiller :)

  22. luridtalesofdoom

    Normally I enjoy the writing more than the publishing, but there was one that was a fairly big story in the international news and I got to it before most newspapers did, I was quite retroactively chuffed about that.

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