Posts/images don't show up in search engines after a while.

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    My blog is running since this summer and posts I made showed up in google if I used the tags I added. Some even at the top pages, which I liked. But I’ve recently discovered, my posts and especially the images seem to be vanished in the search engines. What is really weird, is when I type the tag I used for a certain post/image in google (image search), he can’t find that right one, but some other images I’ve posted on my blog with half a different tag do show up. Why can google find them but not the right one? Some are newer but not all of them. Maybe I’m doing something wrong when I’m tagging and adding images. I know google will favour new content or content with lot’s of backlinks, but this seems just strange, some content and tags are pretty specific and not that common.

    For example, I made a post about a crochet Bomberman I made. A thing not many people have made and wrote about. At first when I typed ‘bomberman amigurumi’, one of the first hits was my post, but not anymore, now it’s just not there. And not because a million other people’s new Bombermans show up, so I can’t imagine google is now favouring new content. I’m just disappointed, this way my content won’t be easy to find after a while….

    Does anybody know what is happening and what I might be doing wrong? This is my blog:

    I hope somebody can give me some advice, thanks! Sonja.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Sonja. I suggest you go through this article and see if any of the situations apply to you.



    He thanks a bunch!

    I used some of the tips at the site you mentioned and it worked! The posts and images I couldn’t find anymore showed up two days after I tagged them better and gave them a much better description. I’m very happy about that, felt a bit lost!

    Best wishes, Sonja.



    Glad I could help :-)



    Woo hoo! I’m so glad that my tips in that post helped you. Happy blogging! :)

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