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Potential way to connect- what do you think?

  1. I've thought of a way like-minded people can connect, gain new follows and find new people to follow:
    What if there was about an 'about-me' type test/quiz that users can answer the questions to and post to their blog? and then you tag the post with 'newfollowersquiz' or something of the likes.
    I'm prepared to write up this quiz but before I do I want to know if anyone else is interested. Some of the questions could be something along the lines of:
    What's your blog about in less than 25 words?:
    Favorite movie:

    ...etc. but we could make it more interesting than that (guilty pleasures, confessions etc) so I want all of your suggestions! What do you think would be a good question to put in the quiz? I'll post the framework to my blog and y'all can copy+paste it and hopefully we get a bunch of people involved!

    The blog I need help with is

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