Potential WordAds Dangerous Redirect

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    I am still getting them too – it is really frustrating that this doesn’t seem to be getting sorted. My blog is lizzierunning.wordpress.com


    lizzierunning – Thanks for posting your site. We are still looking in to this issue.


    Thanks @lizkarkoski That’s good to hear you are still working on it.



    Thank you @lizkarkoski My blog website is mega901.wordpress.com



    I’m actually wondering if this is intentional.

    Our advertising partners are running tests with a new type of sticky ad that appears at the bottom, top or side of the browser window.

    Could anyone please clarify what’s the deal with this? Are these banner adverts intentional, are they appearing for sites with WordAds too or only ones with the Free Plan?

    Thanks! :)



    @torres126 Full page, redirecting ads are definitely not intentional. Are you seeing ads that stick to part of the screen instead?




    Let me try to clarify because I’m a bit confused here. I’ve received reports on my site of:

    1) Redirecting adverts – though I haven’t got any reports of these recently, I’m conscious that the reports most other people provided were different to the ones (advert wise) to the ones I was receiving reports of

    2) Bad adverts – things like the phishing scam, but the difference being you need to actually click the advert to put yourself on a shady website. You don’t automatically redirect there

    I think we both agree that these two are not intentional.

    That being said, it seems that a third thing being discussed here is adverts on the top of a website. I’ve not received any reports of that on my site personally, though I wonder if that’s because people think it’s normal. However, I’d like to wonder if those adverts are normal too.

    Yesterday I found a thread in which @kokkieh stated that you were testing a new type of “sticky ad” which appears at the top of the browser window (see quote above). That sounds pretty similar to what’s being described in this thread, so I’m wondering if that’s actually intentional.

    By the way, the thread I’m referring to: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/bad-ad/

    Thank you. :)




    This time I got WorAds advertisement drop down banner pop up on top of my website. My websites is on free plan at the moment. These advertisement used to appear on the side, middle and bottom of the page which still comes and I understand that it is because of my website is on free plan. I took the screenshot. Just want to know if it is genuine.

    The screenshot image links as follows:

    First one is of WorAds advertisement on top of my website page and the second one is where it redirects after clicking on WordAds banner.




    The drop-down banner ads stuck to the top or side of the screen are intentional and not related to the redirecting pop-up ads this thread is about. You can dismiss that drop-down ad by clicking on the little tab that sticks out at the bottom.

    Being redirected after clicking on the ad is also intentional, as you click on an external link when you click on an ad.

    This thread is about pop-up ads that pops up over the middle of the screen, obscuring the content of the site, and then automatically redirecting site visitors to another website. This is exclusively happening on mobile devices – we haven’t had a single report of this happening on a desktop or laptop computer – and is a case of a specific advertiser not following our ad network’s rules.




    When the WordAds automatic redirect was stopped, at least for the vast majority of users, a new issue arose which was the banner adverts. If my understanding is correct, the redirect issue has been resolved and a new thread should be created about a) the dodgy adverts and b) the drop-down banner ads (although these now appear to be intentional), despite the last two pages of posts in this thread regarding those two issues too.

    Is this correct? Thanks. :)



    If my understanding is correct, the redirect issue has been resolved

    Your understanding is not correct. The original issue of this back in April was resolved, but we’re currently tracking a new instance of this.

    a new thread should be created about a) the dodgy adverts

    What dodgy adverts? If you’re referring to the ones you’ve reported in https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/potential-wordads-dangerous-redirect/page/3/#post-3194077, we’ve already reported those to our team using the information you provided. Please don’t confuse this already very long thread by circling back to stuff that has already been dealt with.

    b) the drop-down banner ads (although these now appear to be intentional)

    I’ve said above and in the other thread you link to that these banner ads are supposed to be there.



    Sorry – it wasn’t my intention to confuse. Thank you for clarifying.


    On one of my pages of my website they’ve been redirecting it to a lucky star website.

    My husband looked at the html coding and found a url that didn’t belong. That was able to fix it.


    When I say html coding I meant the box you type in on the edit page. Instead of typing it like it would be seen on the webpage he click the html tab to see the coding of that page.



    Adding another instance to add to the list here. Today, one of my readers using Safari on an iPhone clicked through to my WordPress blog from a Facebook post and as soon as she clicked accept on the cookies notification up popped an ad telling her she’d been selected to win something.

    Sorry I cannot get her IP or a screenshot, just wanted to share.

    I’ve not been able to replicate the issue myself.



    Thanks folks, any further details you can send would be helpful:

    – The device/browser and operating system
    – The IP address
    – The exact URL of the page/post that showed the ad
    – What was being advertised​
    – The URL that the ad takes you to
    – If possible, a screenshot of the ad that hijacked the browser

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