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Powerpoint slideshow

  1. dribblingpensioner

    I have tried several times to post a powerpoint slideshow and it will not work is there something i'm missing.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    If you want to upload the presentation and add the download link to a blog, post, or page, please read this page:

    If you want to embed the presentation into a post, then you will have to use a third party application like or Google Docs or Scribd.

    I hope this helps! =)

  3. @dribblingpensioner

    If you want to make a nice presentation directly on then there is this very nice shortcode available:

    It's not quite the same as a powerpoint presentation, but it is certainly easy to use for both writer and for reader.

    Worth a look to see if that works for your purposes!

  4. dribblingpensioner

    Maybe I'm a little dumb, but the slide is in the form of an email and is stored in photos on my PC, there is no url, I have tried to drag it and nothing works.

  5. @dribblingpensioner

    You are not dumb! I feel dumb because I am not sure what you are attempting to do.

    What is the file extension (.jpeg, .ppt, etc.) of the slide/email that you are trying to drag?

    Where are you attempting to drag the slide? The media library or perhaps a PowerPoint presentation?

    Thanks :)

  6. If the email says something to the effect "view the slide show" - then it is quite possibly just a series of pictures that were put into the email - probably not a PowerPoint (unless is says PowerPoint)

  7. jordan135gaming1

    Check out the wordpress short codes they is a wordpress slideshow shortcode Here

  8. jordan135gaming1

    I ment to say check out the wordpress short codes they is a wordpress slideshow short code Here

  9. dribblingpensioner

    Thank you everyone, it was an email which I saved to pictures.

    When it hover over it or right click this comes up so its a powerpoint doc ok.

    Microsoft office powerpoint 97-2003 slide show PPS

  10. @dribblingpensioner

    Please try this:
    1. Go to your Media Library and select "add new",
    2. Select the file (PowerPoint) from the folder on your computer (pictures),
    3. From the Dashboard, open the post (or page) where you want to post the file,
    4. Click on "Add Media" and select the file, then select "Insert into post (or page),
    5. Update the post (or page).

    This process with create a link on your (post or page) to the file.

    Disclaimer: If this is not what you are wanting to do, I apologize for adding to the confusion. =)


  11. dribblingpensioner

    @ Mendelson, I have tried your advice time and again and it will not work, the only way is for you to try it, and the only way to do that is insert your email into my contact form and i'll send it, then i'll destroy your address, Harry.

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