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    Hello i am trying to upload a powerpoint presentation in my blog how can i do this? I loads but then it does not show when i load it, it shows the power point but not the link.. Thank You

    The blog I need help with is zulema2.wordpress.com.



    I tried to upload it’s just not working..AHHHH.. Please help :)



    PPT’s can be uploaded but not viewed in the blog because wordpress does not have an interpreter for PPT. What you will end up with in a post or page is a link that when clicked on will download the PPT file to the visitor’s computer.

    If the file is already uploaded, in the post or page where you want it, highlight the text you want as a link. Then click on the media libary button in the editor window (spikey circle). Find the file and click the “show” button. Then click the “file URL button and then click the “insert into post” button. The text you had highlighted is now linked to the file and when someone clicks on it, the PPT file will download for them and as long as they have powerpoint installed they will be able to view it. Microsoft also offers a powerpoint viewer that is a free download – or at least they used to.


    With the PPT file, if it is not uploading, make sure that the file name has only numbers and letters, no special characters or extra periods ( . ). Also, make sure that the file name has a ppt extension.

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