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Pppppick up a poem or two....

  1. Hello again...haven't pimped this blog for a while as I've been busy with other things but the prodigal poetic muse has popped back for a while so it seems prudent to plead with all you potential perusers to get up off yer plump protuberances and come take a peek... you could possibly end up pleasantly pleased.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I peeked and I liked your words...

  3. I saw your comment..thanks very much!
    But don't be shy...don't just peek...have a good long hard stare...there's plenty more in there :)
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Bumpity bump... one or two new additions since last promo.

    I've also gone the vanity press route and published a collection of my poetry. Much of what you read on the blog is in there plus more from my archive.
    I am shamelessly advertising the book as a widget in my sidebar so please feel free to buy one :)

  5. Not bad at all.

    Bump worthy.

  6. betweenthemusic

    Thanks :)
    Not too shabby yourself :)

  7. betweenthemusic

    oops sorry..
    betweenthemusic = Words Asunder alter ego :)

  8. Another entry..more history..all about Lady Godiva... nekkid ladies and all that :)

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