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PR on my blog transferred to my domain?

  1. Suppose my blog gets a PR3, then I buy a domain and add it to my blog, will my domain have the PR as well?

    If not, the paid redirect option on blog is a 301 redirect, right?

  2. The reason we purchase domain mapping is so that all the URLs from the root blog when clicked seamlessly redirect to the same content in the post under the new domain URLs.

    The pagerank and authority the blog earned was earned by the URLs and belongs to them. It’s not transferable. What that means is the domain starts from zero. In about 4 – 6 months time the content will all be re-indexed by search engines under the domain URLs and all things being equal the blog will probably have the same pagerank and authority it had prior to purchasing domain mapping.

    If you do not renew your domain mapping then all those domain URL’s are broken and the blog reverts to the old URLs. Then all those broken links are there for months until the search engines like Google index them again under the URLs and clear their caches (3 – 6 months).

  3. @justmago
    And I was confused what is this PR. Please don't use slang words to have prompt and quick replies.

  4. @iphonist1
    PR is a well accepted English abbreviation for page rank. Please do not take it upon yourself to chastise any blogger who posts for help. We are here to help. We are not here to chastise people. Use Google search to locate definitions for terms you do not understand and never click into a thread to deliver a lecture to bloggers asking for help. Note also that we have enough polite and experienced and helpful regular Volunteers with the correct answer to deliver support without you.

    Please ignore the remark above. All regular Volunteers here are fully versed in abbreviations.

  5. Sorry I'll try to avoid it in the future.

  6. Thanks for the extremely detailed response timethief.
    By the way, I took a look at the Store and noticed that they have a Site Redirect feature, which does a 301 redirect, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

    301 redirects pass approximately 90% of the link juice and authority that the previous domain(in this case, wordpress) had, and hence will pass all the link juice and PR of the previous domain.

  7. @justmago
    You're welcome. In 2010 changed 302 redirects to 301 redirects. A 301 redirect tells search engines the new link has moved permanently, and they can discard the old links.
    Support documentaion is here >

  8. Note that a site redirect is for those who are leaving free hosting here at

  9. Yes, that's exactly it.
    Unlike a domain mapping which may or may not allocate the same authority and value to the new domain, since it doesn't pass any link-juice, 301 redirects redirect even the backlinks which is the most important aspect for a website to rank in the search engines.

  10. You're welcome.

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